Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Free Gift of the Week!

That time of the week is here :-)

Each week we present a free *gift of the week* which is available at our store display section.
This is usually a design I have done particulary for the gift or if time is not permitting I will take one of our items from the store and offer that.

Notification of this gift will now take place via this blog and also as current via our group notice. Of course anyone dropping in can take advantage of this gift.
Have fun and see you soon
Georg & Nikki xxx

G&N Quality Design, Pepita 18,157,324

Sunday, July 27, 2008

I'm in the mood for...........

Realism :-)
Lately I have enjoyed bringing some realistic backgrounds to my lovely Ava's pictures.
I have had great fun in placing *me* into some imaginative scenes and will now feature these shots around our shop as feature display pics.
For example...

Today I had a lovely afternoon strolling through a quaint mediterranean market...
Last night Georg took me to dinner to a beautiful I am in the hotel lobby....

This morning I meditated at the heated springs.......

and now I shall go for a drive in my gorgeous Aston Martin :P

It really is never ending what the imagination brings :-) SL can give us that fantasy we desire, but that fantasy can be brought out in so many other ways too.
Have fun..and dont forget..take time for...
happy days and time out with your loved ones.

Evening Pantsets for a formal wear?

Lets face it, not everyone likes a formal gown, in RL its nice to be able to dress formal in a pantset :-)
I have designed 3 pantsets here with a formal feel and will be working upon building up a section of formal pantset designs that can be worn to the humble ballroom without letting you feel *under dressed*
I would like to add, for a very small fee, I am always happy to adjust my clothes for anyone who would like a more modest look, just IM me in world and I will see what I can do for you. I understand not everyone wants so much belly showing or.....
oops..the slip of a nipple :-0
Gentle Jade colour

and a charming sweetheart neckline

The pants have a subtle sparkle to them so come see at
Pepita 18,157,324

Blooming Orientals :-)

A lovely Japanese lady has come into our life. Her name is Mayaka Beck and she is a shopoholic :-)
(her blog can be viewed in English clicking on the button found within her page)
Mayaka happened upon us a few months ago and has shown wonderful support for us with a weekly entry on our shop in her blog. This has certainly resulted with an increase in our Japanese visitors to our shop.

In dedication to this lovely lady I have designed the Oriental Bloom Skirt set collection.
Thankyou Mayaka :-)

Oh and let me not forget, Mayaka sent us this gorgeous bear,Isnt he adorable? :-)

In Celebration of our wedding anniversary!

July the 21st saw my SL Husband Georg and I celebrate our First Wedding Anniversary. We met in April 2007 and were married in the July of that year. We have had a wonderful time together and are deeply in love both in SL and RL. We hope to unite in RL to seal our love forever.
It was only fitting that we did a display themed on this. We have captured our 15 months together (certainly not enough of it) in a video screen placed behind our display which also features some of our wedding items. It certainly brought some wonderful memories back to us as we prepared this.
As you might (or might not) know, each week we offer a free gift, designed absolutely brand new or from the shop. Its always worth checking out and Georg puts some wonderful thought and labor into our displays.
Of course this weeks free gift was a wedding Dress :-)
It makes a lovely formal Ballroom gown without the veil :-)

The display is a labor of love and our committment to each other

This display will be up for a few more days as we prepare our next one and the dress is available until Tuesday 30th July.
Pepita 18,157,324

Latest Pantsets among other designs :-)

I love to design the pantsets and find I am learning and becoming alot more bold with my designs in they're appearance of realistic shadows and folds so they have that less painted on look. In my opinion the pantset is the most versatile and better looking of most clothes on an Ava in SL, no splitting skirts or flexi skirts poofing all over the place, THESE STAY IN PLACE GUYS!! :-)
So I introduce to you some of the latest designs in my pantsets/jeans sets....

A touch of BoHo Gypsy this has a lovely 3D ribbon bow to the top and pretty blossom prints. Perfect for that exploring day or picnic in a garden. Sculpty sleeves give this a perfect touch.
Inspired by Marilyn Monroe/Madonna this is a lovely casual fashion top and jeans set.

Again a pleasing design with heart prints all over and matching patent pants. Very summery looking and perfect for that day out. Sculpty Sleeves add the finishing touch.

Feel like something a little more Streetwear/Urban or punkish? This is a great one with a good *office* feel so you can even wear it to work :P

Lastly, I DID do a good old fashioned formal with skirt poofing everywhere :-) Its a lovely dress and has a pretty applique to the neckline and some transparents. I never use the transparents to the flexi skirts though, that really interferes in SL with the transparency bug(s) they have there, looks terrible when you see a skirt disappearing in parts so rest skirts wont do that :-) This is also available in Black.

These are only a small showing of my designs. I have many in our ever expanding shop for you to browse, there is always something being added so please come down and have a look at

Pepita 18,157,324

Take care and see you there :-)

United we stand :-)

No matter where you are from, here is a nice patriotic Bikini for you (hat included :-)) Others include The Netherlands and Japan (not shown) and if we haven't got your country covered, let us know and we will design one for you. Fantastic pricing come dive into G&N Quality Design at Pepita 18,157,324 and make a splash :P

Bit of street/punkish wear

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Still in summer mode :P

So, it makes me feel warmer anyway :-)
Here we have a lovely range of colourful skirts, tiered shape. They will go with any top and are perfect for the shopping trip or an exploring adventure

Dont forget, these pretty tops with diamantes are a perfect match for the skirts, the fatpack comes with a bonus pair of Jeans or the tops can be purchased individually for only L$35 each.

This collection and much more is available now at

Introducing the Batik collection

Even though it is now Winter here in Australia I have had a yearning to design spring and summery fashion. Think thats because its always fine in SL :-)
Here I introduce the Batik Folds collection which I think is perfect for summer outings and in colours to suit with a little of a Gypsy or BoHo look....

This collection and much more is available now at
So please stay tuned as we fill and bring this blog to life.