Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekly free preview Design ~Candy~

We thought we would go Short set this week for a lovely addition to the spring and summer wardrobe :-)

Candy consists of a black pair of shorts with bright floral decal to the leg, a pink and green gradient strappy top with a sparkly under bust sash and ballet flats to match. The top comes in long and short and tucked in for flexibility. Its a refreshing design and looks lovely worn.

This is available free at our shop now, until the 2nd May SL time when it will then be placed out for sale.
Take care and Happy days
Nikki and Georg xxxx

A few new ones :-)

We haven't forgotton our mainstream customers this week :-) Whilst being busy with skins we also managed some new clothing designs.
We have 3 new designs this week along with the free gift.

Here we have Connie, a capri pantset with a high necked top to suit the more modest. There are floral trims to the top and bottoms. Plenty of layers for flexibility.

Here we have 2 Jumpsuits. a Blush pink and red and these are truly gorgeous on and for that hot summer night date it is perfect. The pants give the illusion of being a loose fitting cloth and the top has a nice transparent neck line. Belt is included with this.

Have fun and happy days
Georg and Nikki

Smouldering Skins

Hi everybody
We have been busy this week for sure and have a new line of skins out. These are a more smouldering look in the makeup making them perfect evening wear. I wasn't entirely happy with the beige skins from my last lot, I felt they were rather matt looking so the new replacements in the "Tan" (as seen in the pics below) have had some nice shining added. We are already working on the next line and hope to move the skins to a bigger area as our range grows.
At L$200 you get a quality skin at a bargain price, you get the skin tone of your choice, with or without pubic hair and a choice of dark, medium and light eyebrows to wear. A shape is included as well. All are modify and copy.

Smouldering 1

Smouldering 2
Smouldering 3

Smouldering 4

Available now at our main shop in
Take care
Nikki and Georg xxx

Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekly free preview Design ~Medi~ + Bonus :D

Hi again, who can forget our free weekly preview gift :-)
Whilst I was absorbed in my skin designing my lovely Georg was busy doing this outfit and I must say he has done a tremendous job. Its a gorgeous capri style leggings set with a buckle belt and shoes included. Renee from Fabfree commented it gave an 80s look and I must say, I agree.
The skin shown is included. This is a preview of one of our "Smouldering" skins that is to be released and comes with a shape too. 2 skintones are included.
So come on over to G&N for our bumper preview gift which is available until Sunday 25th April SL time.

Take care and Happy days
Nikki and Georg xxxx

New direction for G&N ..SKINS!!! :-)

Hi everybody and hope you are keeping well.

This is an exciting new week for us as we have entered into skin designing. We felt this would be a wonderful addition to the G&N design range because we can offer affordable, lovely looking skins including a shape at an affordable price keeping in line with our pricing policy.

I would like to give Sezmra Svarog a big hug and thankyou for giving us the opportunity to learn from her open source templates. I would also like to thank my wonderful business partner and husband Georg for taking the time to make the lovely sellboxes for me.

The new skins have been lovingly created by Nikki Heron and as mentioned comes with a shape to complete the look as you see it. You will find two skins in all colours, one has the landing strip pubic area and one has the bare pubic area. You can buy the skins for Dark Brows, Medium brows and Light brows to compliment various hair colours.

Both skin and shape are modify/copy for your convenience and may I suggest you do a back up copy if you choose to modify, just incase things go wrong ;-)

Below are pics of the first of our skin range called simply "Summer Skins" as we feel they reflect summer perfectly with the fresh pastel makeup kept to a minimum.

The skintone here is the lighter

The skintone here is the darker

Keep an eye out for our "Smouldering" skin range, coming soon.

Have fun, enjoy and Happy Days
Nikki and Georg xxxx

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Weekly free preview Design ~Mikayla~

Our new free weekly preview gift is up and running. I am a bit late with this entry but there is still plenty of time to get this gift. Its available until Sunday the 18th April SL time. Its a lovely bright multi coloured top with short or long or tucked in length options. The white denim capri jeans come with sculpty leg cuffs.

Perfect wear for that fun in the sun time this is a sure winner. Have fun and happy days
Nikki and Georg xxx

Wow, More designs :-)

Hi there again :-) We have been busy with new designs once again and have 5 new outfits to show. 3 are shorts sets and one dress and one pantset. Something for everyone they are sure to delight.

Lets start with the shorts sets...Firstly we have Hella which comes with sculpty slip on shoes. Its a highwaisted short and would be perfect for the business woman who doesnt have to wear pants or dress as it still affords the modesty needed. The under blouse comes with this set and its all in multiple layers for versatility.

Grace is more casual and comes with a wide floral textured belt. The two toned top co ordinates lovely with the short. Multiple layers again for a flexible wardrobe.

A little more on the patriotic side for "moi" is the 100% Aussie Short set. With Anzac Day coming up I felt it fitting. Flag belt buckle textured to these shorts, Georg has also made a great sculpted slouch hat for this special day which is available at the Anzac Day display section in our shop.

Next we have our Pantset "Elspeth" which is a cream Knit top with matching side buttoned pants. A perfect casual but dressed up enough look this is a winner already. Again it comes in multiple layers and a tucked in look is also included.

The "Isla" Dress is already proving to be popular with our customers. Its a lovely strapless straight lined dress with an asymetrical tip to the front. Black with a white pattern all over this is perfect for semi casual to dressy wear.

These designs and many more are available now at G&N Quality Design. All of our designs are now coming out with multiple layers for that versatile wardrobe and all are Modify/Transfer for your convenience.
Take care and have fun
Nikki and Georg xxxx

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Weekly free preview Design ~Erin~ and some more :-)

Hello again everybody, Hope your keeping well and had a lovely easter. As many prepare for warmer weather we here in the great southern land are preparing for our colder weather which again brings about the challenge of designing clothes that feel strange to imagine wearing :-) All designers are letting loose with spring releases where I imagine the Autumn hues and tones and styles. But, I didn't give into temptation and have designed a flowery springtime outfit for our free weekly preview gift along with 2 new designs.
Erin is a skirt set with a flower featured top and comes in all layers for flexibility. Shoes are included and it is available for free until Sunday 11th April SL time.

Another colourful outfit is Amelia Jeans set with purple toned jeans that have a textured belt revealed when the top is worn in short style and a sky blue top. Again all layers available. Boots are Komplimente von Georg :-)
Ok, maybe I did give in a little to Autumn tones here, we have a lovely gold off shoulder top and red capri jeans. Textured belt upon the top and sculpty cuffs for the capri's.
These are available now at our store in Pepita at
Cheers and Happy days
Nikki and Georg xxx