Monday, April 18, 2011

Fortnightly preview Gift ~ Retro Dress ~

Hi there and hope your all well. Our new preview gift is up and running and this cute retro number is sure to impress. It comes with Boots and sculpty sleeves and of course our extra layers for flexibility. Great dressed up or down for a more casual look. This is available until the 1st of May 2011 SL time. Another addition to our designs is this summer dress. Embrace is truly that, embracing the warming weather. The pastels and the included shoes are so fresh. There is a little bow to the rear at the halter as well. Available now at our store in or the marketplace Take care Nikki Heron xxx

Monday, April 4, 2011

Fortnightly Preview Gift ~Belinda pantset~

Hi everybody and hope this week brings you feeling well and on top of the world. Our new preview gift is out and will be available until April 17th 2011 SL time Belinda pantset comes with a scarf, multiple layers, unbelted and belt textured tops, sleeve cuffs and Ballet Flats. Lovely spring colours this is a sweet design. Please enjoy and have fun Nikki xxx

Its all about I say!

That is right, Spring is all about colour and pastels are no exception. I have had a feast of colours included into my designs these past couple of weeks and feel really refreshed from using them. I even doodles away with some of the textures and was pretty happy with what I came up with. The 5 designs below are new and available now inworld and the marketplace. Jasmina is a simple but elegant straightline dress which comes with a sculpty breast bandana. Of course the dress is done so it can be worn without this piece. The shoes are also included and did you know, as they are modify you can select the sculpty feet and toes and nails seperately and color pick a colour to match your skin. Simple! I will look to doing a small tutorial on this very soon. You can also modify the shoe colour. This is the good thing about having modify items. Satina is a pretty empire style summer dress. Frilly sleeves add to the appeal of this flowy dress and featured are pretty floral appliques. Again a lovely colour for spring and summer.
Shari Jeans set gives a nice airy fresh look. This colourful top wears well with the plain white jeans. A frilled tummy ruffle and slip on heels add to the complete outfit. All layers included making this a versatile addition to your wardrobe.
2 Katy sets below come with Pants and a skirt. A colourful cardigan which can be worn with or without a modesty top that is included. Textured belt making this a one size fits all, sleeve cuffs and slip on shoes are included.

So as you can see we have been quite busy and all this can be found at G&N Quality Design Cheers and take care Nikki xxx