Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Free Gift of the week!

Hi Everyone
Its free gift time again!!!
Hope you are all well.
The new free gift is up and running and its a nice Autumn/Fall theme. This also introduces a new addition to our designs... the stomach sleeve.. which we shall be seeing more with some of our upcoming items and even added to some of our current designs. It is fully modifyable and gives a more realistic look to tops.
So come to G&N Quality Design at Pepita 18,157,324 and help yourself... enjoy!
Cheers and Happy days
Nikki & Georg xxx

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Free gift of the week 22/09

Hi everyoneHope you are keeping well :-)
That time of the week again! Still keeping in our streetwear/Punk theme for now our free gift is up and running and again this week we offer two, one for the ladies and one for the men. Some new designs have been added to our stock so I will be showcasing these in the coming day or so.
Cheers and happy days
Nikki & Georg xxx
Pepita 18,157,324
For the Girls

For the Guys

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Free Gift of the week

Hello again :-)
Introducing the free gift of the week once again although I am a little late this time. I have had computer problems but no worries..this gift is available for another 4 days yet.
So we went a little punky/streetwear this week. AND we included something for both the gals and guys :-)
The girls get a complete outfit consisting of top, flexi prim skirt, glitch pants to wear under and stripey socks. The men get a wonderful hoodie sweater, the hoodie is a sculpted prim, looks very trendy indeed.
So come online to SL and visit us at G&N Quality Design, Pepita 18,157,324

For the Girls

For the Guys

Friday, September 12, 2008

$45 or less sale *extended*

Due to me having to go away for a few days in RL our sale will be extended until the end of 14th September. All items $45 or less so grab that bargain.
Cheers and happy days
Nikki xxx

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

$45 or less *Super Sale*

To celebrate our success at the *summer end sidewalk sale* we thought we would bring the sale to the shop :-)All items are $45 or less and this sale is on until the end of September 11th.
Have fun, keep well and Happy days
Nikki xxx
Pepita 20, 160, 324

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Free Gift of the week!

Well, its been 2 weeks since we introduced our last free gift, but finally we have a new one to introduce. As we are entering Springtime here in Australia I do have the desire to design summery items to celebrate. Of course most people are now going into they're autumn so I will have to bear this in mind and start making some woolly items :-) Then again, Isnt it always summer in SL? :-))
So here we have a lovely summery *Iced Babe* Skirt and top set. This is available to everyone coming into our shop for free and you can find this at
Pepita 20, 160, 324

Group Exclusive Designs

Every couple of months we come out with a design that is strictly for group members only. This is an item that is especially priced at a low L$60 and will never be released for sale to the general public so really is quite and exclusive design. To be able to purchase you need to wear your group title or you will be refunded your money :-0
This can be found at G&N Quality Design Pepita 83, 190, 324.
This is our current Group exclusive

Friday, September 5, 2008

Some new offerings :-)

Just thought I would update on some of our latest designs :-) Yes, been busy and very happy the system skirt is alive and well again. I so prefer to wear the system skirt rather than the flexi prim skirts. Okay, granted there is an issue with the system skirt splitting as you walk, as long as you have very well made glitch pants, and as this is mainly from the front, what you cant see cant hurt ehhh? :-)
So below are two dresses we have designed, one of them actually made my lovely husband Georg and the other includes sculpty sleeves which is optional to wear.

Some new pantsets!

Of course, always back to my roots is the old faithful pantset.
Ready for winter we have the Chocolat Hoodie set, this includes a sculpty hood which is optional to wear

And something on the casual and fashionable is *Kelly* a pretty floral Long sleeved top that is modest looking covering most of the neckline and all of the belly. Matching PVC Pants are included.

Summer End Sidewalk Sale

Well here is a chance for you to grab a super bargain. 12+ of some of our top designers (I have been included in that :-0) all having stalls a *Super Summer end* sidewalk sale :-)
All stalls are selling items for $50 and less and some of our top selling designs are priced at $45 for this time only.

The sale starts on the 4th September through to the 11th September.
Some great items to be found are shoes, clothing and jewelry.

Pop by and grab a super bargain, all stalls have a free gift available too :-)

Topaz Square 182, 104, 22