Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Weekly free preview Design ~Zarah~

A gorgeous new weekly free preview gift is available now in gorgeous hues and tones that contrast with the white pants very well. The top can worn short or with a tucked in look and the pants have a textured belt. An added touch to the pants is a textured belt loop dangler. Georg has made some lovely Ballet flats which are included in this outfit and he really is enjoying and learning from his shoe making experience.
So introducing Zarah, free for you this week until Sunday 4th of April, SL time

Have fun and happy days
Nikki and Georg xxx

Flexible looks for your Spring & Summer wardrobe

Hi everybody
Some new designs added to our shop for that lovely spring feeling. We have gone from urban to feminine with these looks and the tops in a pack of 4 should be a lovely addition to your wardrobe.
Roberta is a lacy cami top that can be worn tucked in or out with these lovely charcoal pants to match. The pants have a textured belt to finish and the whole outfit has a lovely feminine feel, Its a sure winner on those warm days out.

Shari is a more urban edged outfit. The cargo pants have a military feel with the camo print and the green tops match in perfectly. Pair them up with your best hiking boots or such to complete this look and feel.
Lastly we have our booby tuby tops :-) They have a lovely shimmery look and are available in pastels or deep popular colours. Perfect with jeans for casual or pants for a dressier look. They come in short length, long length and tucked in look. Consider these tops as a staple to your wardrobe.

These and much more are available now at our mainstore in Pepita
Have fun and happy days
Nikki and Georg xxxx

Friday, March 26, 2010

Weekly free preview Design ~Carmel~ and some new designs :-)

Hi there everybody
We are a little late this week announcing the free gift but for those who haven't got the chance yet, you have until Sunday morning :-)
This weeks its a lovely knit dress with the option to wear with or without the shirt so it has a nice business feel to it. The belt and stockings are included as well as the gorgeous slouch sculpty boots with buckle and which I am proud to say were made by Georg. He put so much effort into these and considering shoe making is not our forte the result really is gorgeous. We are very proud of them and I am sure you will enjoy wearing them.

2 more designs as well are the Cleo pantset which brings some animal out in you :-) The leopard print overjacket can be daringly worn alone or with the gold boob tube underneath which affords modesty. All layers possible for this the shoes are included.

Lara Jeans set below is a casual outfit. TyeDye print top and worn Jeans. 2 lengths to this top in all layers possible this makes a lovely outfit for that day out in Springtime.

So have fun and keep safe
Happy Days
Nikki and Georg xxxxx

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Weekly free preview Design ~Rosa~

Hi everybody and hope your well
Our new free weekly preview is up and running and this week its a lovely combination. The purple top has a stunning strappy chest area and is available to be worn long or short. The pants are wonderful high waisted style with sculpty cuffs to match. They are a loose fit pant and I can tell you, Georg worked very hard matching these cuffs to the pant. With all the different lighting situations in SL its a challenge most designers face, to match prims with textured clothes so once again I invite you, if you havent already, to take a look in our Tips and Tutorials section where you can find a really cool setting for SL windlight which makes your ava and clothes look lovely without the need for a face or body light.
So, come and grab this lovely outfit which is free until Sunday 21st March where it shall then be put out for sale.

Take care and Happy Days
Nikki and Georg xxx

Beautiful Pastels for Springtime

Hi everyone
I wanted to try something I didnt really know to do. I wanted to create a graduating colour combination I have seen on many designs. With the help of my beautiful partner in crime Georg (who basically taught me the paint programme) I have been able to design these gorgeous pastel coloured dresses for spring. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to get the look but NOT so pleased at how hard it was to match such a simple texture to the prim skirt plus have it blend in with the top :-) Our first attempt looked wonderful on my ava who is an average sized ava, not too small and not too big... but ... (always a catch :-)) when worn by a smaller ava we were informed the texture looked a little strange from the picture on the sell box! Upon investigation we did indeed find that on a smaller ava shape the prim was more visible outside the body than inside! So... not rocket science you say? Well, dont forget, you are reading the words of a person who really finds the prim attachment a pain in the neck most of the time and does not have the patience of a saint, this was definetly another learning curve for us. As all ava's are differently shaped its really hard to design something thats going to suit all, fitting of the prim attachment is always an issue with the different sizes and as in the above lesson, the texturing is equally important. So back to the drawing board we went, (step in Georg who does have the patience of a saint :-)) we were able to fix the texture so it should look good on all ava sizes. In the meantime we have acquired a lovely small shape from a kind customer which we shall use along with our normal shape when texture adjusting prim parts just to be double sure it will look good on both. All in all, we were pleased with the final result and judging from the sales of these dresses we think our customers are too. Included with the dress is a lovely Springtime Butterfly necklace.

Tiffany Babydoll dress has all the available layers possible to make this a very flexible outfit.

And also as an exclusive colour available to our group members only we have a pretty mauve coloured one. This will not be available to the general public and is at a special price of only L$60. Please make sure your wearing your group tag when you purchase :-)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekly free preview Design ~Diana~

Hello everybody, hope your well. Our new free weekly preview "Diana Pantset" is ready for your enjoyment and we have a wonderful combination of colours in this outfit. Pink, Yellow and Beige, who would have known these could look so good together!

The top comes in long and short lengths as well as a tucked in look. Shoes are also included.
Diana is available until Sunday 14th March SL time
Have fun and keep well
Nikki and Georg xxxx

Spring is in the air!

A couple of new Spring designs here for you.
Firstly we have Beverley which is a shortset and ruffled strappy top with long, tucked in and short looks. Textured belt on these denim short as well as prim leg cuffs give this outfit a lovely spring feeling thats in the air.

Maria is a gorgeous and classy pantset for spring/summer. The turquoise blue is a perfect accompaniment for the beautiful and fresh watery backgrounds of SL. Textured gold chains are the feature of this halter top which can be worn long, short or tucked in. The white pants feature a textured belt and the shoes are included.

These and more are available now at our store in

Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekly free preview Design ~Soffie~

Hello there everyone and we hope you are keeping well.
Our new free weekly preview is out and ready for your enjoyment. This week we have gone for a 3 piece pantset with prim attachments. The look is casual and stylish. It consists of blue Cargo pants with prim cuffs, a crisp white shirt with prim sleeves and a denim vest. Pumps are also included. There are all layers possible with this outfit so you may mix and match as you please. Its a very flexible and generous addition to your wardrobe.
Soffie is available until Sunday 7th of March SL time.
Whilst in our store have a look around :-) We have been Decorating and love our new look, we hope you do too :-)
Please enjoy and have fun

Our Jennifer 20s Dresses

Our Jennifer 20s line has been very popular so we decided to update it by giving more with it at no extra cost. Normally it only had one prim skirt at a certain length, one had a pair of shoes and some had stockings. Now they all come with 2 prim skirts in 2 different lengths, all come with stockings and all come with pumps. There is also a new Jennifer 20s dress in Blue. The pose, headband and beads are still included in all 4 colours so we do hope you enjoy this line if you havent already

Available now at G&N Quality Design