Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fortnightly Preview Gift ~Sylvie Pant set~

Hello, hope your all keeping well.
Our new Free preview gift is up and running and this is a saucy little number but it comes with a sequined bodice so the more modest can cover up a bit more :-)
Many layers here as there is combined and seperates. Great for a night out clubbing this also comes with a silver chained belt. There is a Gold version as well in the shop but this is not free.

So introducing Sylvie Pantset, the silver mesh top has a lush draped look and is halter style. As mentioned there is a sequined bodice to wear and the black pants and belt complete the look. Available until 11th of August 2010 SL time.

I would like to also mention that I (Nikki) shall be away between the 2nd and 10th of August for a much needed holiday. Georg shall be available should you have any queries.

So please take care, have fun and happy days

Nikki and Georg xxxx

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fun at the Beach!!

Some new designs which were especially made for the Feed a Smile event Fashion shows I decided they should not go back into the inventory to collect dust :-)
They are a selection of Lingerie and Swimwear and I think you will love them.
They are priced very very well and first we shall introduce the Swimwear as seen in the pics below.

Selfia Bikini is a frilly ooh lala bikini here in ravishing red. Frilly ruffles to the top and bottoms and a sarong and straw hat is included in this outfit.

Shine Bikini is a happy and sunny bikini, shiny like the sun and water. with metal rings to trim the bottoms and one to the top this is a head turner at the beach. Sarong and straw hat is included in this outfit.

Uluru Tankini is inspired by the Aboriginal people of Australia with they're famous dot paintings and the great rock called "Ayers Rock" this set shows it off perfectly. Its earthy tones are complimenting with the sarong and straw hat included.

Metalia Bikini is a gorgeous Bikini in Halter neck style with metallic shimmers to the lovely purple and black pattern. A sarong and straw hat is included in this outfit.

These are available now at our mainshop in

Sensual Lingerie and Underwear

And presenting our Lingerie Selection are as follows

Whisper Babydoll is a gorgeous set and would be perfect for that special bridal night. Cream satin with lace inserts trimming the deep plunging front and rear of the bodice is very sensual. The lacy babydoll skirt finishes it off perfectly along with the stockings.

Cleo Lingerie set is a gorgeous little bra and pantie set made to bring the animal out in you :-) Little bows attached to the bra and pants and a cute little ruffle to attach too. Faux Leopard Skin is the way to go.
Red Velour Crush A stunning Red crushed velour set with balconette bra, string bikini panties and matching stockings. This will make the blood rush and is perfect wear for the woman who likes to feel like a "woman" underneath the clothing she wears.

Purple Passion is a simple but elegant bra and panties set in heart racing lace trims. Perfect for those who like to feel dressed up under the clothing she wears

All of these are now available in our main shop at
Enjoy and have fun
Nikki and Georg xxxx

Our happy celebration

July the 20th marked our 3rd SL Wedding Anniversary and we shared the celebration with some lovely friends of ours. We had an Abba Tribute band play and they were terrific as we danced along to concert sound Abba songs. Georg set up a lovely pavillion for us to enjoy and we were spoilt with some lovely presents.

Lagu Indigo gave us a beautiful performance of her Angels and Lights show. I was once again enchanted by this beautiful show. Thankyou Lagu for your kind help in making it a magical evening.

Below you can see some pics.

What was once our Feed a smile event venue was turned into a romantic pavillion to celebrate the night.

We danced on and on and on

Lagu turned the pavillion into a mystical light show

Which in turn changed the top floor of our shop into a magical wonderland

Thankyou dear friends for helping us celebrate this special date with us. You truly are wonderful.
Nikki and Georg xxxxxxx

Monday, July 19, 2010

You are invited!

Georg and Nikki would like to invite you to help celebrate our 3rd SL Wedding Anniversary.
Come help us celebrate this special ocassion whilst dancing to ABBA in SL (Tribute band)
followed by a magical light show from Lagu Indigo
Tuesday 20th July, 2010 at 10am SL Time at the stage area of Feed a Smile Venue.
Look forward to seeing you there
Nikki and Georg xxxxx

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Let the Fashions Shows begin!

Today at 11 AM SL Time our first fashion show for the Feed a Smile event will take place. Those involved in the planning and implementation of the shows are very excited now, and fashion show manager Mellificent Juneberry has all under control wonderfully. She was extremely busy over the last few weeks. There will be 5 shows in the next days, here are the schedules for the shows.

Tu. 13.07.2010 at 11:00 AM
Tu. 13.07.2010 at 08:00 PM

Th. 15.07.2010 at 11:00 AM
Th. 15.07.2010 at 08:00 PM

Sa. 17.07.2010 as 11:00 AM

You will see outfits of many top designers such as:
Sascha's Designs
Bliss Couture
sf Designs
Jazmyn D
Coe Dust Designs
Inga Wind Clothing
and of course G&N Quality Design

Before and after the shows will be party and live music and of course at the venue you can buy outfits from these top designers and plenty more at the vendors.
Every dollar of your purchase will count as a donation and 100% of your money will reach the children in Kenya.

At this moment we have Linden$ 137,402 (1,374 meals) which is still far away from our goal, so please come a bit earlier to the show, have a walk around the venue to buy a few top designer outfits to help us to feed the children over the whole of the school holidays.

Thanks and hope to see you at one of the fashion shows.
Your Feed-a-Smile Team
Limo to the venue

Monday, July 12, 2010

Fortnightly Preview Gift ~Angie Pant set~

And now for the free preview gift :-) You know..I just thought about it..as I write entries into this blog..its all published back to front..my first entry which was about the Gypsy skirt appears as my last entry and this one which I am writing last appears first :-) So if a reader gets a little lost or confused on some of my wordings they shall now understand :-)
We went back to Pantsets this week and Angie is a lovely earthy olive with florals.
The pants are highwaisted and the shirt has a lovely sweetheart neckline with sleeve cuffs.
This is available until the 25th July and is in lots of flexible layers.

Please enjoy, have fun and take care!
Nikki and Georg xxxxx

Thoughts on this??

I just wanted to slip this in here as its been playing on my mind whether or not this would be a good direction to go along. I am thinking of doing a small corner in the store (somewhere :-)) with a few clubbing outfits. As we are predominantly a modest and realistic designer with a loyal customer base who come to us specifically for these looks we dont want to jeopardise that. Of course this will still be our mainstream look and design, the club wear is just a little side project I am interested in. The club wear shall be of classy style of course, just a little more daring. Anyone reading this, I would love your thoughts. You can either leave a comment below or IM me or notecard in world.
Cheers and looking forward to your thoughts
Nikki Heron xxxx

G&N Gypsy Girl :-)

Hello everybody
Some gorgeous colourful skirt sets have been designed this week and they come with a lovely sculpty shawl/wrap and bangles and earrings to complete the look :-)
Simply called Gypsy, they come in 3 different textures, each as happy looking as the other.

Please enjoy and have fun
Nikki and Georg xxx

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cute Freckles

4 new skins added this week.
Actually these have been in my inventory for a few weeks and needed only some final tweaks :-)
I decided to give freckles a go. I gave up trying to put them over the body in the end as no matter what they always had a blurred and stretched look giving the appearance of me getting over some rather horrible skin disease. I was pleased with the results on the face though so if your after a freckled look all over the body, then these are not for you. Depending on the interest in these ones I endeavour to play with makeup colours in the future.
So, the skin tones shown here are in the lighter cream colour but there is Tan also available in our store.
Of course demos are available and these skins also come with a shape if you so wish to use.

(This first one by the way is not freckled)

Two Stylish new outfits

Hi there and hope your well :-)
I managed to find time to do two new outfits for this week as well as get the skins finished. Both these lovely outfits have a stylish look and can be worn formally or as casual chic.
Gloria Pantset comes in Highwaisted buttoned pants in a beige and the floral off the shoulder top in a summery peach colour. It has two attachments, the sculpty off shoulder prim and the neck scarf. If you dont like to wear the off shoulder prim the top has been designed that the off shoulder look is in texture.

Bridie Skirt set is a lovely goldish creamy beige (wow so many ways to describe its colour :-))
The skirt has a textured belt and the one shouldered top has a pretty floral neckline at the front.
The shoes are included with this. Again a stylish outfit.

All layers possible to give you that flexible wear these are two lovely additions to the wardrobe.

Please enjoy, available now at