Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fun at the Beach!!

Some new designs which were especially made for the Feed a Smile event Fashion shows I decided they should not go back into the inventory to collect dust :-)
They are a selection of Lingerie and Swimwear and I think you will love them.
They are priced very very well and first we shall introduce the Swimwear as seen in the pics below.

Selfia Bikini is a frilly ooh lala bikini here in ravishing red. Frilly ruffles to the top and bottoms and a sarong and straw hat is included in this outfit.

Shine Bikini is a happy and sunny bikini, shiny like the sun and water. with metal rings to trim the bottoms and one to the top this is a head turner at the beach. Sarong and straw hat is included in this outfit.

Uluru Tankini is inspired by the Aboriginal people of Australia with they're famous dot paintings and the great rock called "Ayers Rock" this set shows it off perfectly. Its earthy tones are complimenting with the sarong and straw hat included.

Metalia Bikini is a gorgeous Bikini in Halter neck style with metallic shimmers to the lovely purple and black pattern. A sarong and straw hat is included in this outfit.

These are available now at our mainshop in

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