Tuesday, November 29, 2011

G&N New Free Preview Gift

It really has been too long and I hope you are all well and happy.
I was away on my holiday, overseas, for 4 weeks and since getting back have just found such little time on my hands for SL. There have been some changes with shifts for my RL job and as we near Christmas RL seems to get more hectic. Still I shall not complain as I still found some time to design so it cant be all that bad :D

Our free preview gift is out and will be so until the 7th of December. Its a cute outfit that shall be a great addition to the inventory. Pretty floral appliques to the undertop and jeans and the little cardigan jacket to finish.

Below in further posts you shall find information on the latest designs and the Peace on Earth (POE 4) Gridwide hunt we are involved in.

Have fun, take care and happy days

Nikki Heron xxx

POE 4 Gridwide Hunt 2011- 2012

We are pleased to be involved in the POE 4 Gridwide hunt for the 4th year running. We have been with them each year from the start and hope to once again spread goodwill and joy to everyone involved from the organisers to the hunters.

This year we are pleased to offer a design that can be worn at anytime of the year and mixed and matched with other items.

The hunt shall run from the 1st of December until the 3rd of January and more information can be found at


Have fun and take care

Nikki xxx



Winter Warmth Aussie style!

I say the Aussie way because of sheepskin and uggboots. This is a lovely warm set and is very realistic. A stylish scarf to match and co ordinating pants set this off lovely. Great value for the quality here this is a must have addition to your winter inventory

Available now at G&N Quality Design



Introducing Sparkly Raquel!!

Raquel Sparkly Dresses are gorgeous for the coming party season. Frilly sleeves and skirt and multiple layers make this set perfect. 4 different colours available there is sure to be one for you.

Raquel for Christmas

I have also done Raquel in some lovely Christmas colours. These dresses will make you look the belle of the christmas celebrations and are only available over christmas and new year.

Paula Jumper Dresses with Leggings and heels ~Winter Warmth~