Tuesday, November 29, 2011

G&N New Free Preview Gift

It really has been too long and I hope you are all well and happy.
I was away on my holiday, overseas, for 4 weeks and since getting back have just found such little time on my hands for SL. There have been some changes with shifts for my RL job and as we near Christmas RL seems to get more hectic. Still I shall not complain as I still found some time to design so it cant be all that bad :D

Our free preview gift is out and will be so until the 7th of December. Its a cute outfit that shall be a great addition to the inventory. Pretty floral appliques to the undertop and jeans and the little cardigan jacket to finish.

Below in further posts you shall find information on the latest designs and the Peace on Earth (POE 4) Gridwide hunt we are involved in.

Have fun, take care and happy days

Nikki Heron xxx

POE 4 Gridwide Hunt 2011- 2012

We are pleased to be involved in the POE 4 Gridwide hunt for the 4th year running. We have been with them each year from the start and hope to once again spread goodwill and joy to everyone involved from the organisers to the hunters.

This year we are pleased to offer a design that can be worn at anytime of the year and mixed and matched with other items.

The hunt shall run from the 1st of December until the 3rd of January and more information can be found at


Have fun and take care

Nikki xxx



Winter Warmth Aussie style!

I say the Aussie way because of sheepskin and uggboots. This is a lovely warm set and is very realistic. A stylish scarf to match and co ordinating pants set this off lovely. Great value for the quality here this is a must have addition to your winter inventory

Available now at G&N Quality Design



Introducing Sparkly Raquel!!

Raquel Sparkly Dresses are gorgeous for the coming party season. Frilly sleeves and skirt and multiple layers make this set perfect. 4 different colours available there is sure to be one for you.

Raquel for Christmas

I have also done Raquel in some lovely Christmas colours. These dresses will make you look the belle of the christmas celebrations and are only available over christmas and new year.

Paula Jumper Dresses with Leggings and heels ~Winter Warmth~

Saturday, September 24, 2011

G&N Free Weekly Preview ~Charlotte Blue Jeans Set~

Hi there and hope everyone is well. Our new free preview gift is up and running and this will be one of 4 colours that shall be available. The tunic knit top has lovely crochet features and sleeves, a bow to the top and the Jeans with matching flats are included.
As I am a little late with the blog this week this has only a little over a week left before it is put out for sale. You do have until Tuesday 4th October though, it will be a little later than normal for the new gift as I shall be flying overseas at the normal time :-)

Please enjoy this lovely outfit which you will find in our mainstore in Pepita

Take care and have lots of fun
Nikki Heron xxxx

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

G&N Quality Design ~ Our new Free fortnightly Preview gift.

Inspired by a show I am watching atm in Australia (I think those who are watching it might know which one I am talking about :-)) I couldnt resist making my version of some of the lovely dresses from the 20s and 20s era. A gorgeous vintage feel to this complete with a cloche hat and choker this is a must have. Its free until the 18th of September and will then be added alongside some other colours of this dress for sale in the shop.

Have fun and take care

Business is better when your dressed for it :-)

It started with the Grey Carmel Jumper dress which has been widely popular. It includes the belt and boots but what makes it more value for money is the fact this dress has layers included that gives you the shirt combined with the dress top or without! So now we have added 3 new seasonal colours to make a lovely collection for the working woman in SL or the woman who just likes to be fashionable. Enjoy!

Carmel is available at our shop in Pepita

or the Marketplace

Take care
Heron xxxx

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Latest from G&N Quality Design

Hello there everybody and hope your keeping well. Once again Real life has kept me away from blogging as much as I would like but I do have some new designs to show you.
Starting with the free preview gift which is called Chanelle it consists of a pair of High Waisted Denim Shorts which has layers with the options of a textured belt or without, leg cuffs, a lovely and colourful halter top and scuffs.

We have also added to our Hippy clothing collection. Hippy Fever 9, 10 and 11 are in a dress set and pantsets. The trio are very happy looking and perfect for the "peaceful people" :-)

Hippy Fever 10 comes with earrings whereas Hippy Fever 9 and 11 both come with a Necklace. Of course both have many other inclusions making these quality designs a great price.

The preview gift is available now until the 6th of September 2011 SL time. The new items are also up and running.

Take care and have lots of fun

Nikki and Georg xxxxx

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Free Preview Gift and some News from G&N

Hello everybody and hope you are keeping well. Its been an exciting time here at G&N because not only do we have some lovely new designs (seen below) but we have also been preparing to offer our customers copy versions of our designs. We only ever offered transfer in the past with modify rights but we feel that copy and modify should be available as well so Georg set to busily making the vendors which have the added bonus of being able to gift items as well to people in SL. We are in the early stages of putting all the vendors up, its a big shop with loads of designs to changeover but each day the items available for copy will increase. We hope this will be of some added convenience to our customers, both present and in the future.
Onto the free preview gift :-)
We have a bumper one this fortnight. The ultimate Swimset which is fitting for this time of year in the northern hemisphere :-)
We have included in this set a full onepiece swimsuit, a Bikini, sarong, Towel for over the shoulder, flip flops and a hat (not pictured).
All pieces are in multiple layers making this excellent for mixing and matching.

Available now until the 7th of August SL time come grab this now.
Cheers and take care
Nikki Heron xxx



Lots of new designs happening

As you can see we have been keeping busy with new designs as well as preparing for the addition of the vendors that will enable you to be able to buy Copy versions as well as gift designs to another person.

Below in 4 lovely colours we have a very retro styling dress with a 50s feel. The fascinator, sleeves and shoes are included and this is a must for that special vintage feel.

A rather unique looking Dress this is a very stylish outfit. Lovely for that lunch date and classy enough for the drink at a bar after work. This has two sleeve attachments as well as shoes and prim Belt.

A sweet outfit for these warm days. Lovely floppy hat to protect you from the sun :-), shoulder and shorts cuffs are included.

For an earthy country girl look we have Jessica. The hat is included as are the shoes, cuffs and shirt knot. This is in multiple layers giving flexibility to your wardrobe.

Those wanting a sexy night out at the club cant go past the clubbing outfits we have that are exceptional value and come in 6 Colours to choose from, Blue, Gold, Pink, Red, Silver and of course the Black as seen below. Long length Pants and hotpants are here for you to choose from.

These are available now at our Huge store in Pepita or at the marketplace.

Cheers and take care

Nikki Heron

G&N Quality Design



Monday, July 4, 2011

~Fortnightly Preview Gift~ Patricia Skirt Set

HI everybody, Our free preview gift, Patricia Skirt Set, is here and available until Sunday the 10th July where after this is will be placed for sale. Shoes are included and this makes for a lovely fresh outfit for that trip out shopping at the mall.

Available now at G&N Quality Design


Take care and have fun

Nikki Heron xxx

Everybody's got to work!!!!

We have more or less totally focused on Career wear this fortnight as alot of our customers are Second Life workers looking for such clothing for they're Ava's. From the more formal colouring to lovely bright summer hues we have something for everybody. These are now available along with two new additions being the Catherine Shortset and adding to our embellished Jeans trio we have a new colour of Black.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Free Fortnightly Preview Gift ~Spring Roses~

Hi there, This is the last few days for picking up the free preview gift at G&N. It will be available only until Sunday 12th June SL time. Multiple layers for mixing and matching and the shoes are included.

Cheers and take care

Nikki xxxx


Lots and Lots of new Designs :-)

Hello everybody, hope you are all keeping well. I havent blogged for a few weeks as we have been so busy. We have given the shop inworld a facelift and it is absolutely looking great. I will try to post some pics soon. In the meantime we have also been busy in between with designing. We have done lots actually and there is a mixture of New skins, career, formal, summer dresses, babydolls and vintage styling. I will post all the design pictures below and you can look through and see for your self what lovely quality bargains have been added to our designs.

Starting with a lovely evening pantset we have Zara which is lovely when you are not wanting to wear a dress.

Next we have 5 new skins to our range and these go by the name of Selena. Dark and light brows are included as well as an option to wear pierced or unpierced nose and belly. Alpha make up is included should you wish to wear the makeup with another skin.

Our Olicia Jeanset is next with sculpty cuffs to the shoulders. This comes in 2 colours and is a lovely summery set.

Our Franca BabyDolls come in 4 springtime colours and is a lovely addition to the casual wardrobe. Slip on heels are included with this.

Our gorgeous Erica Cocktail dress line is a perfect addition to your formal wear. A touch of vintage 20s here the shoes are included. 6 Colours are available here.

Dominique is a pretty little sundress that comes in 4 gorgeous pastel/citrus colourings. There is a belted and unbelted version and the hat and shoes are included.

For our careerwear customers we have added 4 colours of the Ashanti Pantset. Tweed pants set this off and its a lovely addition for the business person in Secondlife.

So as you can see, we have been quite busy and all of these designs are available in our new look shop in Pepita

We look forward to seeing you

Nikki and Georg