Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Free Gift of the week

As always, we love to be able to give back and thank our wonderful customers. Each week we offer a preview of an item that will usually be released for sale at a later date. It is in the form of our popular free gift :-) and here it is, a cute little number called Leah.
The top, Jeans and belt is all included. Hope you like her :-)

G&N Quality Design Pepita 25, 135, 21

A thing or two,... or three :-)

Hello everybody

Hope you are keeping well. As you may or may not know I have been away for a couple of weeks due to a car accident. I had my hip fractured which led to having surgery to have pins inserted to help with recovery. I am home getting well now and I must thank everyone who has sent me get well wishes. They are so appreciated and I feel the love coming through.

Its been a little difficult for me to get back into the swing of things, I have often read that people who go away from SL for a little while sometimes find it hard to come back to the same routine they might have had previously, I, for certain felt I looked death in the face (as morbid as that sounds) so have been able to look at things from a new perspective. Nobody knows how long we are here for, life is so short. So please, live your life to the fullest, don't grow old in your seat (as someone special once told me) and make the most of every single precious day.

On a happier note :-) (gosh, didnt want you bringing out the violins!) we did manage to get 3 designs happening this past week. Two which immediately went up for sale and the free gift of the week.

Here below are the two that are on the shop floor for sale. The other is above, under the free gift entry.

I would like to also take this opportunity to thank my loving husband Georg for all of his help over the past few weeks. He has been my tower of strength. He has also kept the shop running so smoothly, he did the last 2 free gifts of the week, dealt with any queries, and basically took charge so I didn't have to worry about a thing. Thankyou, I love you more than anything my love and I don't mind the world knowing that :-)
He also took the initiative to implement something that is close to my heart at the moment. Fundraising for the relief efforts for the Victorian Bushfire casualties. I have pledged all of my sales funds from the 12th Feb until the beginning of March to go to the Red Cross Bushfire Charity here in Australia. This is not for recognition or praise, this is simply our way of showing we care and feel for what has happened and the money is needed there more than in our pockets. A receipt is going to be displayed at the end once the donation has been made because I empathise with some peoples feelings that its a hard call to donate over the internet to strangers.

Anyway, back to the new designs :-)
Sorry about this long entry, but, its been awhile :-)

Below I would like to present to you

Marie, a Jeans set with a street feel

and Perl Jeans Set, this delightful outfit was designed by Georg.

So please enjoy, Have fun and TAKE CARE wherever you are

Nikki and Georg xxxxx
G&N Quality Design Pepita 25, 135, 21

Friday, February 6, 2009

Our new free gift of the week

So I am a little late this week with introducing the new free gift of the week due to being under the weather. We still have it out for about 3 more days so hop on over and grab it. This is a lovely design and Georg did this one. A chocolate brown pantsuit that will suit all. The folds and shadows in this are so realistic and was painstakingly made.
Dont forget we do have new designs which I hope to get around to introducing here soon but for now, check them out at
G&N Quality Design Pepita 25, 135, 21

Our new Group Exclusive~

We have a new group Exclusive design ready for Springtime. This is a one off outfit put together for group members only which means it will never be released to the floor for sale to the general public. The pretty pink top features a gold foil print and the matching Jeans top this off. For the special price of $60 please make sure you are wearing your group tag when purchasing, without this the sale won't go through.

Cheers and Happy Days
Georg and Nikki xxx