Monday, June 28, 2010

~G&N Little Dresses~ New Free preview Gift

Hello again :-)
Our new fortnightly preview is up and this is something every girl should have in her wardrobe :-) But, we are giving away not one but two little dresses. They come in popular Red and Black and look stunning dressed up or down. A real staple addition to your wardrobe, in many layers for flexibility, dont miss out! These are available free until the 11th July 2010 SL time in which they shall then be put out for sale.

The picture below the free gift is our updated Group Exclusive for summer 2010. You need to be in the group to purchase this as it is exclusively for our members and when purchasing you need to wear your group tag. A special boho summer feel to this its comes in many layers for added flexibility. This is a special group member price of a low L$60 and is available now.

Have fun and happy days, take care
Nikki xxxx

Our Charity Designs for Feed a Smile 2010

As you know LLK in conjunction with G&N Quality Design are holding an event in July called Feed a smile.
More can be found at the official blog of Feed a smile where we have showcased many of the sponsors involved and for general information and a calender of events.

All proceeds of these outfits go to feed a smile where the money shall be used for meals for the school children in Kenya. The skins come with these outfits to add the finishing touches to the African themed designs.

This Abla tunic set shall make you feel like an African Queen.

Makena shall make you feel at home strolling though the marketplaces
Nyokabi might inspire you to swing through the vines of the jungle with Tarzan :-)

and Kiano can add some colourful warmth to the cooler days and nights

We shall also be holding daily raffle draws where a ticket can be purchased for the particular daily prize at the venue. Our contribution for a raffle prize is
Feed a Smile Exclusive Gown 2010 which comes with a beautiful flowing skirt, floral wreath for your hair and arm cuffs. Should you wish to wear this as a straightline skirt you may. This is a one off gown and the winner shall have this exclusively.

If you wish to look at the progress of the venue please do so, its looking lovely there and you will feel like you are in Africa :-)
The slurl is....
Take care and happy days
Nikki xxx

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My lost friend

I wasn't going to post about this but sometimes it helps with the grieving process. I am shattered atm as my beloved pet dog of 15 years passed away with congestive heart failure nearly 3 days ago. Bridie was my baby and went everywhere with me on my travels, house moves, and in life. She was a gentle natured dog who loved nothing more than to be around people and being loved which she was, deeply. She loved her walks, the beach, her food and company and will be missed forever. Its heartbreaking to go through losing a loved one whether it be a pet or human and this is the first time I have had to go through this. We buried her in the back garden in a peaceful corner that she liked to lay in sometimes in the hotter weather. Something I found on the internet today is this...

When you're close to an animal, the mourning process is the same as it is when you lose a human companion. Don't let anyone tell you your grief isn't real or is somehow trivial because you lost a dog rather than a human friend.

The last summer with Bridie where she enjoyed "pool therapy" to ease her athritis and where we had the chance to have some quality time together.

RIP Bridie, you will be in my heart forever xxxx

2 nice new designs :-)

Soooo two new designs for you this week. We have a lovely formal pantset and a casual short set.

Firstly the pantset comes with 2 shrug cardigans in Black and Gold and has a lovely bustier top to compliment in pink. I was unsure how well these colours would match and was delightfully surprised. The pants have bootleg cuffs and floral appliques to them. Perfect for that night out for women who dont want the flexi prim skirts puffing around them. Jewellery is from ByKay designs and comes in a lovely set. Her shop is worth checking out as she also has lovely shoes.

Coco shortset is a simple addition to the wardrobe for summer. Denim cutoff shorts with a "Zebra" patterned top with sculpty tummy prim for the added length.

These are both available now, please enjoy!
Happy days
Nikki and Georg xxxx

Monday, June 14, 2010

Fortnightly Preview Gift ~Bridal Set~

Hmmm, seemed to go a bit mad on white this week :-) Admittedly this design has been sitting in my inventory for a few weeks and we have brought it out now in celebration of Georg's and my 3rd SL Wedding Anniversary.
Called appropriately G&N Bridal set this is a lovely wedding gown which includes, prim skirt with lace overlay and train, stockings, beaded bodice, gloves and floral wreath sheer veil. Even if you may not have any foreseen use for a wedding gown we have made it transfer so you may gift it to someone who may :-)

Available now until Sunday the 27th June SL time.
Have fun and happy days
Nikki and Georg xxxx

~Past, Present & Future~

Hi everyone and hope you are all well.
A new week starts and what an emotional past week its been. (Unfortunetly, maybe) I am a person who tends to sometimes see the glass half empty rather than half full which is why my partner and I seem to walk hand in hand quite well. He is a more "glass half full" kind of guy so we compliment each other quite well (believe it or not :-)) with opinions and ideas. He can see the upsides to all as much as I can see the downsides but this is not to say I am a negative person because frankly I am not, just in some situations I tend to try be a little more prepared for disappointments or something that might not be achieved so when it comes to the crunch I am not so hurt or sad.

On that note I must mention this very true quote by JFK "those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future." So this is something I intend to try to do a bit more :-)

Our Jennifer 20s dresses was a line I never saw in the future as being as successful as it has been. Another addition was on the cards for sure. Originally it was only available in red and was introduced as a weekly free gift, it was a big hit and if I remember right it appeared in many many blogs. So it felt only natural to bring it out in black. We did that with a longer skirt. Then came the gold followed by the blue one in a slightly different looking skirt and we decided that both skirt lengths should be included in all as well as shoes. Our latest addition is in white and is so soft and fluffy looking. It has the gold specks through it and the picture does it no justice. As a lover of white clothing in RL this has turned out to be my favourite. Both length skirts are included, Charlston style pose and cigarette, Stockings, shoes, beads and head dress.

Please enjoy, Jennifer 20s in White

And another addition to our designs is this lovely Boho skirt set. Gypsy/bohemian styled skirt with textured belt, sculpty prim sleeves and boots included this is a lovely spring/summer addition to your wardrobe at an exceptional price of L$100

These are available now at
Have fun and take care
Nikki and Georg xxx

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fortnightly Preview Gift ~Charlize Pant set~

Hi there and hope your all well :-)

Our new fortnightly preview gift is up and running and this had a lovely vintage feel to it. The blouse is high neckline with a ruffle look down the front and the pants are a lovely high waist front buttoned Blue. The matching pumps come with this outfit which is free until 13th June 2010 in which it shall then be placed out for sale.

Have fun and enjoy
Nikki and Georg xxxx

Never too busy though :-)

Hello everyone

Only 2 new designs this fortnight as we have been very busy with organizing the event for "Feed a smile 2010" and I can tell you, its promising to be a mega event with many well known designers contributing and live acts.

You can keep up to date at

So onto our designs, we have a dress and pantset this week, both perfect for spring/summer wear. The dress is a beautiful heart themed texture with a satiny bodice and lace trim finishing the skirt. The pantset is a gorgeous floral texture with a flower applique to the shoulder. High waisted pants finish this perfectly. Both come in multiple layers for flexibility.

Available now at G&N Quality Design in Pepita
Have fun

Nikki and Georg xxx