Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Free Gift of the week 26 Aug 08

It seems an eternity since we first presented the display for the start of the olympics. It was with some sense of relief to finally change it although it was a very successful display and all the countries involved did so well in Beijing.
So now we have moved on and are pleased to present a new display. Still an oriental theme we have gone Japanese for a week or two :-)

It gives such a lovely and relaxing theme after the hectic pace of the Olympics and is really quite serene feeling inside where you may sit and have some fruit :-)

Of course once inside this is where you will find our free gift of the week. We offer a kimono with all the bells and whistles. All attachments are with this as well as Geta and Kanzashi. A bag is also there for free in a pretty cherry blossom pattern.

The kimono is a Cherry and Plum Blossom print on a pretty mauve background. There are traditional Japanese women printed on the Obi.
Come and enjoy this display and help yourself to the free gift. Again, you do not have to be a member of our group to enjoy this but being a member gives added benefits such as group only exclusives, earlier notification of free gift and sales etc.

Cheers and Happy Days

Nikki and Georg xxx

Pepita 18,157,324

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Free Gift of the week 19/8/08

Our new free gift of the week is up and running and is the last of the Olympic trilogy we have offered these past few weeks. Brilliant for the closing ceremony and everyone wins gold with this one as it has included a gold chain with the gold medal .

All of the swim wear comes in all the layers possible so Tattoos and such are still able to be worn.

Come help yourself, look forward to seeing you at

Pepita 18,157,324

More new designs :-)

For those wishing to show a little leg I also introduce a lovely skirt set called Ronnie.
the overjacket is transparent so those who are bold enough can enjoy wearing as is or for a little more modest minded there is the sparkly bustier to wear underneath :-)

I tend to shy away from pastels but in this case I couldnt resist. I was drawn to this colour which I find rather calming so Serene she was named :-)

Pepita 18,157,324

Went a little mad on the babydolls this past week but I am pleased with them and the outfits can be worn with or without the skirt. Fantastically priced at only $80 its a cheap but quality made full outfit so a very versatile addition to the wardrobe..ahemmmmm I mean inventory :P

Cute and fun Polka Dots.....

And fresh crisp Hibiscus completes the latest in Babydolls....

Of course I couldnt leave out the humble pantset which is where my designing roots sprouted so we have the
Latte Jeans set.....

and the stylish and proving quite popular Alexandria Set....

I have started to add attachments to most of my outfits now, it gives a nice finishing touch to the outfit and of course are modifyable.

All of these and more can be found in our shop at
G&N Quality Design

Pepita 18,157,324

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Free Gift of the week :-)

Aahh yes, that time of the week again :-) I actually enjoying doing a special design for the free gift of the week, rather than just offering something from the shop wall I feel a sense of satisfaction from being able to put the effort into offering even a free gift made with loving care :-) Of course time must permit for me to be able to do this and keeping in the olympic spirit of our host country China this week I offer you *China Girl Set* This comes with two different skirt lengths and of course..is free for the next 7 days. Very cute I have been told.

Please take time to have a little look around as we are also pleased to welcome Steinwerks Watches to our shop. These watches have been made with loving detail and are real working watches with many features. Demos are available and I shall blog a little more about these watches in the next day or so.

See you soon

Nikki xxxx

G&N Quality Design

Pepita 18,157,324

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Beijing 2008 Olympics

To commemorate the Olympics in Beijing we just had to do a display (which we are still building upon).

Of course we could not forget to add some souvenier style tee shirts for you to be able to show your support for your country. These are available in short and longer lengths (both included) and if you dont see your country there only IM Georg or I inworld and we will be happy to design your countries tee.

And last but not least, we have the free gift of the week a la Olympic mode :-)
A tracksuit set ready for you to go run that marathon through the sims of SL :-) This features a sculpty hood and realistic zipper and ties.

So for now, all of this and much more is available to you at
G&N Quality Design in Pepita 18,157,324
Have fun and Happy Days
Georg & Nikki xxxx

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Refreshing our shop!

Its always nice to keep the shop looking fresh and new. The past week we have spent updating our sellboxes. Georg always enjoys tinkering around the shop (yes he has even been known to suddenly start working in his best clothes) building new things or rearranging...............

.......This sometimes gets me into a state of panic as I am a person who doesnt like too much change :P But its always worth it in the end, and I can usually once again find my way around the shop without too much hassle :-)

The enlarging of the sell signs are a really good idea, they look more professional, show more detail so are easier on the eye.
Using a nice plain background thats carried through with all the pictures make for a more uniform, uncluttered look and we find having only two rows of pictures in height make such a difference and by placing a large display photo in between every so often to break it up.
There really is nothing worse than going into a shop and wondering where to start, seeing just a mass of sell signs scattered randomly all over the place, most people will only leave very quickly.

Take a look and see what you think :-)





These designs and many more can be found at G&N Quality Design
Pepita 18,157,324