Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Free Gift of the week :-)

Aahh yes, that time of the week again :-) I actually enjoying doing a special design for the free gift of the week, rather than just offering something from the shop wall I feel a sense of satisfaction from being able to put the effort into offering even a free gift made with loving care :-) Of course time must permit for me to be able to do this and keeping in the olympic spirit of our host country China this week I offer you *China Girl Set* This comes with two different skirt lengths and of free for the next 7 days. Very cute I have been told.

Please take time to have a little look around as we are also pleased to welcome Steinwerks Watches to our shop. These watches have been made with loving detail and are real working watches with many features. Demos are available and I shall blog a little more about these watches in the next day or so.

See you soon

Nikki xxxx

G&N Quality Design

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