Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Feed a Smile 2010 :-)

Hello everyone and hope you are all well :-)

A friend of ours, Brique Topaz, who is also founder and CEO of the real life charity organisation called "Live and Learn in Kenya e.V" (abb:LLK) has asked us to hold this event to raise funds to raise money to help feed the children of Kenya.

LLK is based in Selb, Germany. It is the parent organisation to LLK International NGO and is a registered non-profit charity organization.

More can be found out here at

We are seeking donations of possibly "one off" designs (although we would be grateful for any donation) for the feed a smile event that can be sold and 100% of the proceeds sent to the charity.

Special Vendors will be given out to the donating content creators from the 2nd week in June in which they can place the donated item, with the permissions of their choice, and the picture and a LM and info about their business.
The Vendor is then rezzed at our event place. Whenever somebody makes a purchase the money will go first to the owner of the vendor but because the split will be set to 100% the amount will then automatically be transferred to to Brique Topaz for the charity funds.
This event shall be held from 10 July until the 18th July 2010, and during these days we shall have some full on games entertainment, sales, fashion shows and live entertainment (U2 in SL is performing :-)). Every L$100 raised is enough to give one child one meal, they have around 500 children in this project.

We would really appreciate your support and understand you are very busy but this is a very worthwhile event and whilst we cannot offer you anything back in return except some publicity (Your name shall be placed at the event as a supporter and in blogs) you can take satisfaction in knowing you have helped "Feed a smile"
So, Who is involved so far?
Amutey DeCuir of Bliss Couture
Miria Moonbeam of Moonbeam Fashion
Swafette Firefly of sf Design
Kayleigh McMillan of *ByKay* ~ Creations By Kayleigh McMillan
Jazmyn Diesel of JAZMYN D
kandi coeyman of Coe Dust Designs
cecilia Levasseur of Cecilia Home Design shop
Dustine Underwood of Caladesi Island Company
Geof Romano of WAVEN CAJUN
Geoff Giordano Event Director
Lagu Indigo Artist
U2 in SL
mayaka beck Model
We are so grateful to these sponsors for they're time and effort they will be putting into this, thankyou for helping "Feed a smile"

If you would like any more information please dont hesitate to IM or drop a notecard to either
Brique Topaz (CEO LLK)
Georg Stonewall (G&N Quality Design)
Nikki Heron (G&N Quality Design)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Fortnightly Preview Gift ~Francis Gown~

Well it seemed to have been a long 2 weeks since the last Free preview gift but it was nice to have the extra time. We are starting to make preparations for our LLK event so busy times are ahead. We will be adding a category dedicated to this event so keep an eye on this space.
Sooo as seen below our new fortnightly preview gift is part of a formal gown set. The other 3 colours which are set for sale are Pearl, Indian Red and Gold.
This one is Misty Rose and shall be available for free from now until May 30th.
So hop on over if your in need of a beautiful gown, it really looks lovely on and comes with a pair of shoes exclusively for this dress.

Have fun and happy days
Nikki and Georg xxxx

Formals Formals Formals Shorts! :-)

Hello again
I do hope you are all well and having fun.

We have some new designs, a formal gown collection and a shortset.

The formals are a gentle looking design with a slightly transparent prim skirt. The top has some lovely shining to it and a pretty trim along the deep cut chestline. Its probably not for the modest minded but truly looks classy on. The rear is a strappy cross over and the skirt has a lovely flex to it.
All layers included for flexibility this is gorgeous number.

Below are the Pearl, Indian Red and gold colours, the Misty Rose is offered as a fortnightly preview as seen above and will be put to sale after that.

And below we have the Sondra Short Set. Its a highwaisted short but doesnt have to be worn as such as there are multiple layers to mix and match as you desire. Sculpty cuffs for the shorts are included.

These are available now at
Have fun and happy days
Nikki and Georg xxxx

Friday, May 14, 2010

Whats in a name?

I am sitting here chuckling to myself at the moment.
When we first started designing we would name our outfits by how they appeared to us, to name a just a few we had outfits called Asian Dragon, Purple frenzy, Pink Blossom, Flaming blooms (which still exists) and even poofing flowers! These were not very appealing names but at the time when you looked at the outfits they were appointed to you could probably see why they were named as such :-) I think Georg, my wonderful husband and business partner was always waiting in anticipation to see what my next outfit would be called, a little bit like our skins at the moment :-) He will do the sellboxes and the other week he was doing a set and asked what the blue would be called and I said "Beautiful Blue", ....."and the Green"? he enquired, "Well honey, Gorgeous Green of course!" I responded, ..... "Uh huh" was his reply :-0 See...Nothing fazes him! LOL..its like old times!

Over time this way of naming outfits became a little hard because how many outfits could you call "Loopy loops" or "Blowout bubbles"! :-) (Dont worry, we weren't that bad! :-)) so we adopted the normal way of naming designs in SL and started to use "Real" names. I have a webpage bookmarked of all babynames and I use that when I am stumped for a name of an outfit we design. I try to research the origin of the name to make sure I am not translating my new outfit into "beware of doomsday" or something terribly equal but sometimes I have just allocated a name to the outfit without research to be delightfully surprised later on to learn the name is a perfect match. Mayaka Beck, a fellow blogger is a beautifully curious young lass :-) She is always researching for her blog and is eager to learn. She is godsend when it comes to learning about my outfits, interpreting them and almost writing an encyclopedia about them :-)

So I have strayed a little here, gosh, me and my ramblings :-) So the name for the outfit I am about to introduce? Nicole. Yes, simply, Nicole :-) Whilst wondering what this lovely outfit should be named it occured to me I had never used my own RL name so there you have it. Nicole Pantset and while I am at it, Nicole is of greek origin, and its meaning is "People of Victory" Hmmm, well dont know it matches this outfit because I didnt research it beforehand but I like it :-)

Nicole is a lovely berry coloured designer top with cross over back, and highwaisted white pants with subtle pinstripes to match. There are rhinestones trimming the neckline of the top and a textured belt. This comes in various layers for flexiblility. Priced at L$90 its an absolute quality bargain.

BTW, did you know Nicole has 50 variants to the name? :-)

Have fun and happy days
Nikki and Georg xxxx

New skins for you :-)

Hi everybody and hope your all keeping well. We have another set of skins for you and these are a colourful makeup statement. I must add, we are delightfully surprised how our skins are selling. We are not a big skin retailer by all means and there is such competition out there but when it comes to a skin that still has quality and good looks at a very reasonable price it shows there is a place in the market after all. Soooo....our set, Calypso states Fun, bold and summery. The pics below are showing them in the cream tone and they are also available in Tan for those wanting a slightly darker skin. All come with Dark, medium and light brows to suit haircolours as well as the standard Pubic hair and bare, a shape is included and Demos are also available.

This one is my own personal favourite thus, Nikki's Pick. It is a lovely makeup and can be worn for evening or daytime. The silver and pink are a lovely combination. Tan Tone is available as are all the standard inclusions. Demo is also available.

Last but not least we have a rather scary looking one. I couldnt resist seeing how I would go to make a Vampire/Gothic skin and I am happy with the outcome. I had it mind that it would be more aimed at the Vampire community, In my mind it would be for a Queen of a clan or such leader. Dark Queen is a pale skin with all the normal inclusions, Shape (which is different to the normal shapes included in our skins) 3 different eyebrow colours and the landing strip or bare pubic region. There are no other skin tones at this stage for Dark Queen, I felt it was pale enough without starting to look "too white" and able to retain all the natural shadows, but I could be wrong, I dont have much experience in this look so seeing how it goes I might "play' a little more with this look.

So thats all for now folks in the skin department. I am working on getting some Freckled looks so keep an eye out :-)
Take care and happy days
Georg and Nikki xxxx

Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekly free preview Design ~Abigail~

We thought we would go skirt set this week :-) Abigail is a classy looking little number. Plaid skirt in red and black checks and a black with red trim tucked in looking top. The back drops down and belt and pump shoes are included. All layers for a flexible wear this is a lovely number.
After much thought, we have decided, due to increasing workload both Secondlife and Real life, we shall be offering the free preview gift on a fortnightly basis from now. This one will be available until the 16th of May. It also gives us a chance to keep the quality there with our free previews and not feel the need to rush them through. That is important to both us and our customers. So please feel free to come and collect this lovely set

Nikki and Georg xxxxx

More beautiful looks with a skin for you :-)

We have also done another set of skins. Five in all and these are some lovely staple makeup colours for your wardrobe.
They are available in the Cream or Tan tones and demo's are available in our store. Each pack comes with 3 different eyebrow colours to suit haircolours, and "down below" is available in bare or landing strip.

First we have Beautiful Blue

Followed by Gorgeous Green
For those who want a more natural look with just a hint of colour we have Natures Way

For those who feel like we have Princess Pink

And lastly we have Silvery Moss

Each pack is L$200 for the skins with the mixed eyebrows and bare or landing strip option, a shape is included too and all is Modify/Copy

Have fun and take care
Nikki and Georg xxxx

More new designs in time for Summer!

Hello :-)
Hope your all well and have had a wonderful week.
We have been busy yet again and have some new designs ready.
Summer wear delights we have done two more shortsets and a babydoll summer dress which is adorable worn.
Firstly we have a pastel Tyedye theme onesy type short/funsuit. It comes with a belt and sculpty leg cuffs as options. Open style rear this is a cool feeling for the beach or casual wear. All layers included for flexible wear introducing Hannah Shortset....

Next we have the Babydoll which goes by the name of Taffia which is Welsh :-) A cool strappy dress which is great for those summer days out and can be worn as casual or formal as you like. Baby blue tone with potpourri texturing its a lovely dress with flexi prim skirt inc. All layers once again for added flexibility.

Lastly in the clothing department we have Bella which is a lovely pink toned shortset. A textured belt compliments this and the lovely gingham patterned top is open backed. A little bow adds to this to compliment the shorts which feature a buttoned panel at the front. Once again all layers possible to mix and match in your inventory.

So please enjoy, these are available now at our store in
Have fun and take care
Nikki and Georg xxxx