Friday, May 14, 2010

New skins for you :-)

Hi everybody and hope your all keeping well. We have another set of skins for you and these are a colourful makeup statement. I must add, we are delightfully surprised how our skins are selling. We are not a big skin retailer by all means and there is such competition out there but when it comes to a skin that still has quality and good looks at a very reasonable price it shows there is a place in the market after all. Soooo....our set, Calypso states Fun, bold and summery. The pics below are showing them in the cream tone and they are also available in Tan for those wanting a slightly darker skin. All come with Dark, medium and light brows to suit haircolours as well as the standard Pubic hair and bare, a shape is included and Demos are also available.

This one is my own personal favourite thus, Nikki's Pick. It is a lovely makeup and can be worn for evening or daytime. The silver and pink are a lovely combination. Tan Tone is available as are all the standard inclusions. Demo is also available.

Last but not least we have a rather scary looking one. I couldnt resist seeing how I would go to make a Vampire/Gothic skin and I am happy with the outcome. I had it mind that it would be more aimed at the Vampire community, In my mind it would be for a Queen of a clan or such leader. Dark Queen is a pale skin with all the normal inclusions, Shape (which is different to the normal shapes included in our skins) 3 different eyebrow colours and the landing strip or bare pubic region. There are no other skin tones at this stage for Dark Queen, I felt it was pale enough without starting to look "too white" and able to retain all the natural shadows, but I could be wrong, I dont have much experience in this look so seeing how it goes I might "play' a little more with this look.

So thats all for now folks in the skin department. I am working on getting some Freckled looks so keep an eye out :-)
Take care and happy days
Georg and Nikki xxxx

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