Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Free Gift of the week Nadja :-)

Hi everyone, it's Monday again and our new free gift is up and running. This time we have a lovely capri pantset with a three tone over shoulder top. Also included is a dragon buckle belt and matching slip ons with a small heel.

The top comes in shirt, jacket and undershirt layer to give you more flexibility.

We received some feedback from some customers that they would like more flexibility, so we will try in future to add more layers to our outfits to cover all your needs.

Have fun and enjoy

Happy Days

Nikki xxxx

Monday, July 6, 2009

~~ Our Latest Free gift of the week ~~

So its been 2 weeks since we last presented our free gift of the week in this blog. With the renovated shop and new designs added to our collection it was only fitting we do a nice elegant pantsuit to match the surrounds.

We have also done a lovely display themed *Candlelight Dinner" in which I will add a picture shortly.

This pantset shows you dont need to have a formal gown to go out somewhere nice in SL.

this comes with a shrug for those cooler nights :-) and matching shoes and a belt. What more do you need? Teamed with your favourite Jewellery this is the perfect outfit.

Please enjoy. Free for a limited time.

Georg and Nikki xxxx


Busy Busy Busy!! :-) Pt2

Busy Busy Busy!! :-) Pt1

Of course, with all the redesigning of the shop going on, we still managed to find time to design some new outfits :-) Below we present to you our latest fashions which are a mixture of Winterish (because its winter down under here :-)) and summery for our Northerners :-)

Please enjoy and have fun

Nikki and Georg xxx


Our New Look shop

Ahh yes, where have we been the past 2 weeks? Redesigning of course :-) We decided to give our shop a facelift and have given it a new elegant Golden Pearl look complete with a beautiful central staircase. We are also hoping the customers will find the new layout alot more *friendly* with all the formal gowns and Skirts and dresses now upstairs and the Pantsets remaining a feature on our ground floor along with menswear and poses. Steinwerk Sunglasses also remain on the groundfloor.

Our free gift and display area have been moved around the corner slightly from where it used to be as have the *new Designs* area.

Below are some pictures of the new look and your feedback is most welcome.


Georg and Nikki xxxx