Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dont be late for the Ball!

Hi everybody and hope all is well.

Georg commented to me the other day that my thread I wrote a couple of weeks might sound contradictory now with these new dresses I have made :-) I was talking before about not making many designs with different colours available. Believe me, I still feel that way if the design doesn't warrant it but this is just one dress i could have played with colouring for hours and hours and hours! I had so much fun making this set that I really am not sure that I have finished with the colour options :P

If you would like to feel like Cinderella at the ball then one of these has to be perfect for you. The colours look so gorgeous together, although I did do two in more staple colours of black and red to suit the customer who doesnt like too much "pretty" As I have often said, IN SL we can wear things we would love to have in RL or even what we would never wear in RL. This gown is no exception and is a perfect buy. As always the layers are all in flexible layers and modify and transfer are the only way.

Once again I do thankyou for taking an interest in our designs and blog. Take care and happy days

Nikki and Georg xxxx

Available now at

Going Pretty with Jeans

For a while now I have been playing with the idea of whether or not to offer single items for sale. Jeans, tops or pants etc. As we have always specialised in pant sets and full outfits mostly I decided ok, maybe the customer may just like to buy a pair of jeans rather than a whole outfit. So we have started out with only 3 pairs of Jeans and the style is cute. In Light Blue, Indigo and Grey they have embellishments printed to them and a tiny unopened fly. nothing too revealing but fashionable. Priced at only L$60 a pair they are a terrific little snap up.

These are available now at our store in world at Pepita

or at our marketplace store

Cheers and Happy Days

Nikki xxxx

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fortnightly Preview Gift ~Jes 1 Capri Set~

Our new preview gift is out (on time :-)) and is from one of our new designs (see below) in a colour yet to be released for sale. So you get the chance to own it for free until Sunday 3rd April 2010 SL time. Hat, Cuffs and ballet flats are included as are all possible layers making this a flexible outfit.


We are also participating in an event called "Its on Sale" this coming week, Monday 21st until Sunday the 27th where we shall place a design on sale for half price. Our choice was the beautiful formal Gown Grace which really is quite elegant. This can be snapped up for only $60 for this week only so dont miss out.

New Designs @ G&N

Hi there, hope your all well. We have some new designs in store.
Both Sets are perfect for Spring and Summer. The Jes Capri Sets consist of a Pretty Checked feature to the top, a Floppy Butterfly style Hat, Denim Ballet Flats and Cuffs for the Capri Jeans.
All layers are included for flexibility and the belt is a textured one so no problem with fitting :-)

The Cherie Dress Series is a pretty Dress in lovely Springtime colours and patterns. It comes with a Wide floppy brimmed Hat, Slip On heels, Ruffled Sleeves and skirt. as always, all Layers are included for flexiblility.

These are now available instore or at the marketplace
G&N Quality Design
Cheers and Happy Days

Nikki Heron

Friday, March 11, 2011

Fortnightly Preview Gift ~Ingeborg Shortset~ and one more :-)

Hi there and hope all is well your part of the world.
Our new free preview gift is up and running so lets get set to go hiking through the alps :-) This outfit kind of reminds me of something you would wear for such an adventure. Ingeborg comes with a cute bobbled beanie, bobbled hoodie and bobbled ugg boots. Its perfect for mixing and matching in your current inventory and the final release when placed for sale will have multiple layers for flexible wear.
Ingeborg is available free until the 20th March, 2011 SL time

One of our latest designs is Cameron Skirt set. This is perfect for your Spring Wardrobe and comes with a pretty flexi prim skirt, cardigan which has a sculpty collar and cuffs. The textured belt means this is a one size fits all belt :-)

These are available now at our superstore G&N Quality Design at Pepita

Take care and happy days

Nikki xxxx