Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fortnightly Preview Gift ~Zielda Pant set~

Hi everybody and hope you are well. We do hope you had a brilliant Christmas and was able to enjoy the time with family.

We have had a little rest too and with the new year coming up we are ready to bring you lots of new designs.

Our last preview gift of the year is Zielda. A soft pink sweater with deep plunging neckline and a modesty undertop has been included for those who like to cover up a bit more ;-)

The pants are a lightweight denim with a crease complimenting the front and this set comes with silver ballet flats to complete the look. Lots of layers included for flexible wear this is available until the 10th of Jan, 2011.

Let us also wish you a Happy New year and may the year hold many special times ahead for you as well as the best of health.

Please enjoy and happy days

Nikki and Georg xxxxx


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Real life meets Second life and brightly sparkles :-)

Hi everybody and hope this finds you well.

With the bells of Christmas tinkling closer and closer I find myself always leaning towards colour and sparkle. As seen in my last few designs I have gone for brightly coloured textures and the Jeans set below is no exception. This brightly striped Cardigan is inspired from real life. It is a replica of a Cardigan I picked up in Germany and I love it. The moment I saw it advertised on a Billboard I knew I had to have it and like in SL, the price was a bargain.

Nikki (named after moi :-)) Jeans set also consists of a casually stressed out pair of jeans and a ribbed halter top to wear with the set. Both the cardigan and top comes in multiple layers to mix and match as you choose. There are also sleeve prims included.

Another Brightly coloured Jeans set, Agnes, is a pretty strapless top with a sheer overlaying top which can be worn combined or seperately. Lots of layers again for flexibility. The jeans have a little bow tied to them and the more daring girl might wear the sheer overtop alone :-0

Moving along to the "sparklies" I decided to do an outfit in two colours that have the option to be worn as a pantset or skirt set. I was aiming for the modest clubwear look or an evening out on the town with that special someone. The top with the textured belt is supposed to be worn with the pants and the unbelted one with the skirt to give the appearance of a dress. Of course you can wear as you choose and as always there are many layers for flexibility.

As seen the skirt is a sculpty skirt which has a much better appearance than the system skirt and movement for this style of attire is much nicer. The rear of the top cascades into some folds and really has a lovely realistic look.

These new designs are now available to you and we do hope you enjoy. Take care and have fun

Nikki and Georg xxxxx


Monday, November 29, 2010

No Free gift for the next 4 weeks....BUT......

........we still love you and still want to give you something for free sooooooo..we wish you a merry christmas here at G&N Quality Design with our hugely popular Advent calendar :-) We are running it a little differently this year. As we have been so busy catching up after our holidays we havent had as much time to design 25 items for the calendar so what we have done is split the items of each outfit up into parts so that each day you come in to get a little more of that particular outfit. So basically, if you would like the complete outfit you need to come in on each new day to collect a part. The window of the day shall only be open for 24 hours and if by some chance you do miss out on collecting a particular piece of an outfit it will be for sale on the following days after for only $20 per window item (s) missed. Just send Georg or I an IM and we can get it to you.

Here is a sneak preview of some of the lovely gifts you will find inside.

Not bad for a free gift yes? :-) And just incase your still needing something more traditionally Christmas themed we have designed the following below and they are up for sale now.

We certainly havent gone overboard this year with Christmas Themed outfits as we feel the market really is flooded with them. But what we do have we hope you enjoy and look forward to you joining us for Christmas at G&N Quality Design.

Take care and have fun

Nikki and Georg xxxx


A hunting we will go, A hunting we will go, lalalala :P

Well its time again for our involvement in the wonderfully huge Peace on Earth 3 Gridwide hunt which is a Christmas time annual event. There are some wonderful designers involved and the organisers have worked so hard as usual to get this up and running. We are proud to be a part of this hunt and almost missed out due to me being away and missing the deadline for the applications. Thus, we are the last shop in the hunt but would like to thank Sequoia for letting us join even though it was late :-)

Our contribution to this years hunt is a follow up on last years theme we did which was peace. Hippy Peace in fact!

I am not taking any credit for this outfit. My gorgeous partner in crime made this himself and I feel its a wonderful piece of work that makes you feel very happy to be wearing. Thankyou Georg for taking this workload on this year and coming up with an amazing outfit.

To find out more about the Peace on Earth 3 (POE 3) Hunt please check out they're website at


The hunt begins on the 1st December through to the 3rd January giving plenty of time to hunt hunt and hunt :-) Our gift will be found in an Earth Globe by following the POE path that has been place. Its very easy to find :-)

Take care and happy days

Nikki and Georg xxxx


Lots more new stuff :-)

Not forgetting some winter warmth we have a set of not one but two lovely sweaters with Penguin appliques on the front. Pink and Blue with matching Berets, sleeve cuffs and collars these pair up wonderfully with that pair of Jeans sitting in your wardrobe.

Another leggings set on offer following the huge success of the Jaynie Leggings set is our "My lovely one" set. Slightly different as we have used a sculpty skirt to blend the appearance of this dress it also comes with Ballet flats, sleeve cuffs and multiple layers for flexibility. The colours of Plum and blue are gorgeous together making this a must have for your wardrobe.

Diora is a fashionable shortset that is great night club wear or simply casual fun. Its sparkly shorts and shiny top will sure turn heads as you hit that dancefloor. Slip on heels are included.

As we heat up here in Australia the good old maxi dress is back in fashion for our summer and I am sure will be all over the world when summer hits different countries. It was a hugely popular dress last summer. Ours has the option to be worn in three ways. With two sets of prim skirts included, the maxi skirt and the more formal dress skirt or simply wear as a straight line dress.

So that is all for now and all of these are available now at our store now at

Have fun and happy days

Nikki and Georg xxxx

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fortnightly free preview Gift ~Sammy Pantset~

Greetings everybody and I hope this finds you all well.
I realised I couldn't leave a Halloween gift up for the next week so I designed another outfit for the free weekly preview. Considering I am on holidays still, aren't I a nice person? :-)
Well I do hope you enjoy this one, it comes with the ballet flats, sleeve cuffs and choker and has a textured belt to the top.
Take care for now and "see you back in Australia soon"

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fortnightly Preview Gift ~Fayre Halloween 2010~

Hello everybody
I do hope your all keeping well and safe. Its been a while since my last blog entry. I have been holidaying in Europe for the past 3 weeks and have 10 days left. Its been a wonderful time and an absolute joy to meet in real life my partner in crime and love, Georg. I have however, been able to keep up with the preview gifts for our shop and as seen below, just in time for Halloween we have exclusively redesigned a popular gown of ours for this event.
Please enjoy and I look forward to soon designing again for you.

Cheers and Happy days
Nikki and Georg xxxx

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fortnightly Preview Gift ~Cleo Dress 2010~

Hi everybody, hope your keeping well.
This fortnights preview gift is a revamped look of our Cleo Dress from our Cleo range. This is a winterized look and comes with the boots and hat. Its super classy chic wear and looks great on.

It is available now until the 10th of October SL time. Feel free to come by and enjoy.
Nikki and Georg xxxx

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Snuggly Warmth for Winter!

This year we decided we had to have Cardigans and Jackets made from Prims, sculpty prims to be precise. We hope they prove popular as alot of customers do like the attachments rather than a painted on Jacket or cardigan .. but in saying that, we shall still keep to that line of designing as there as still a majority who do not like the prims.
I was rather chuffed at how the fur Jackets looked and pleased with the result of the cardigans, below are the results.

Dont they look snuggly and warm? :-)
And below we have the chunky knit cardigan with pretty trims.

Both Cardigans and Jackets have a little lace ties to the front for that added finishing touch.
Enjoy, have fun and happy days
Nikki and Georg xxxx

Still some Warmth left for lighter wear :-)

There is still some warmth left before we have to don our winter weight clothing in SL :-)
I have added three more colour options to the Kerina dresses and a little hat adds a classy feel to these. Also Tatiana is a favourite from last season which I have changed the look of. It quite suits the time of Halloween really :-)

Have fun and happy Days
Georg and Nikki xxxx

A little bit of old made new again!

Hello and hope you are well. We have decided to revamp some of last years popular winter sellers. Amazing what a colour change and adding some accessories can do. These designs shall be alongside some exciting new ones to come and are available now in store.

Please enjoy and have fun
Nikki and Georg xxx

Monday, September 13, 2010

Fortnightly Preview Gift ~Olyve Pantset~

This fortnights free preview gift is kick starting our Autumn Season.
Olyve is a versatile addition to the wardrobe and comes with stylish buckled boots. The vest and shirt can be worn seperately, combined, tucked in, so many layers to make it more flexible. The pants are stylish and comfortable and this whole look is perfect.

Available now until Sunday the 26th September SL time.
Please enjoy and take care
Nikki and Georg xxxxx

New Designs Ready for Autumn 2010

Hi there and welcome
Its been a while. Real life has been chaotic and trying to get the time for SL was really hard but we are back on board again and have some lovely new designs to start off the Autumn season.
Scarves, hats and coats will be our focus this year and some of our outfits will come with these as a free addition :-)
The first of our design is a lovely outfit by the name of Jaynie. The Leggings outfit comes with a scarf and lovely boots and the top is trimmed with a pretty crochet lace piece.
As always this come in many versatile layers with the options to wear the top tucked in or out.

The following two outfits are also a lovely addition to your Autumn wardrobe. Trixie is a lovely Capri Jeans outfit with either the purple or beige top. The Ruffle on the top is the centrepiece and these come with sculpty leg cuffs and sleeves. Both come with the flexible layers and you can wear this with or without the textured belt.
Lastly we have a new addition to our Hippy Fever series. This series has proved popular indeed and this latest addition we hope shall prove just as.
The dress comes with boots, belts, sculpty collar and a headband. Flexible layers Hippy Fever 7 is a must have for all those peace loving sisters.

So please enjoy, take care and have lots of fun
Nikki and Georg xxxxx

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fortnightly Preview Gift ~Gemma Jeans Set~

Hello everybody, hope you are keeping well.
Introducing our new preview gift we have Gemma Jeans Set

The set comprises of Jeans, Undertop, Shrug and ballet flat shoes. The tops are in a lovely burnt orange and come in as many layers as possible for full flexibility, you can even wear the top and shrug together on one layer.

This is available for free until the 22nd August SL time then it will be placed out for sale.
Hope you like and please enjoy

Nikki and Georg xxx