Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Real life meets Second life and brightly sparkles :-)

Hi everybody and hope this finds you well.

With the bells of Christmas tinkling closer and closer I find myself always leaning towards colour and sparkle. As seen in my last few designs I have gone for brightly coloured textures and the Jeans set below is no exception. This brightly striped Cardigan is inspired from real life. It is a replica of a Cardigan I picked up in Germany and I love it. The moment I saw it advertised on a Billboard I knew I had to have it and like in SL, the price was a bargain.

Nikki (named after moi :-)) Jeans set also consists of a casually stressed out pair of jeans and a ribbed halter top to wear with the set. Both the cardigan and top comes in multiple layers to mix and match as you choose. There are also sleeve prims included.

Another Brightly coloured Jeans set, Agnes, is a pretty strapless top with a sheer overlaying top which can be worn combined or seperately. Lots of layers again for flexibility. The jeans have a little bow tied to them and the more daring girl might wear the sheer overtop alone :-0

Moving along to the "sparklies" I decided to do an outfit in two colours that have the option to be worn as a pantset or skirt set. I was aiming for the modest clubwear look or an evening out on the town with that special someone. The top with the textured belt is supposed to be worn with the pants and the unbelted one with the skirt to give the appearance of a dress. Of course you can wear as you choose and as always there are many layers for flexibility.

As seen the skirt is a sculpty skirt which has a much better appearance than the system skirt and movement for this style of attire is much nicer. The rear of the top cascades into some folds and really has a lovely realistic look.

These new designs are now available to you and we do hope you enjoy. Take care and have fun

Nikki and Georg xxxxx


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