Monday, November 29, 2010

No Free gift for the next 4 weeks....BUT......

........we still love you and still want to give you something for free sooooooo..we wish you a merry christmas here at G&N Quality Design with our hugely popular Advent calendar :-) We are running it a little differently this year. As we have been so busy catching up after our holidays we havent had as much time to design 25 items for the calendar so what we have done is split the items of each outfit up into parts so that each day you come in to get a little more of that particular outfit. So basically, if you would like the complete outfit you need to come in on each new day to collect a part. The window of the day shall only be open for 24 hours and if by some chance you do miss out on collecting a particular piece of an outfit it will be for sale on the following days after for only $20 per window item (s) missed. Just send Georg or I an IM and we can get it to you.

Here is a sneak preview of some of the lovely gifts you will find inside.

Not bad for a free gift yes? :-) And just incase your still needing something more traditionally Christmas themed we have designed the following below and they are up for sale now.

We certainly havent gone overboard this year with Christmas Themed outfits as we feel the market really is flooded with them. But what we do have we hope you enjoy and look forward to you joining us for Christmas at G&N Quality Design.

Take care and have fun

Nikki and Georg xxxx

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