Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Peace On Earth Gridwide Hunt

We were so pleased to be offered the opportunity to participate in this hunt again this year. Last year's was very successful and probably one of the best organised hunts around.

As seen on the blog site for the Peace on Earth hunt:
"The theme PEACE ON EARTH was chosen to draw upon the universal sense of unity that we feel during the holiday season. It is meant to be a festive hunt that all people can embrace. It will be an opportunity for a grid wide celebration of the diversity that is Second Life. We wish to foster understanding , tolerance, and respect throughout this global community. We wish to promote those things which bring people together and will select from the applications we receive, the stores and gifts we feel best represent those ideals of unity and trust among nations,peoples, & their communities. We are a general audience friendly hunt and are proud to offer our Second Life communities a safe holiday celebration".
Information regarding the hunt before and during can be found on the website

So a sneaky preview of our gift to the SL community participating in this hunt is A Hippy Christmas which we feel sends a peaceful message. Make love, not war, Peace to the world. The set includes Jeans, prim sleeves and trouser cuffs, a headband, necklace and boots, you can wear this outfit in two ways and of course mix and match from your own inventory wardrobe.
This will be placed inside the "Earth globe ball" which will also include the LM to the next store so keep an eye out for this in an easy to find spot come December the 1st!

Have fun everyone, take care
Nikki and Georg xxxx

Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekly Free Preview Design ~Shanice~

Our new Weekly Free Preview Design is ready and still in a little festive season mode we have opted for another formal pantset. I can imagine something like this being worn in RL to a christmas dinner party or Christmas eve dinner. Its elegant, formal and even dressed up casual attire and in Australia where our weather is warm it would be perfect! The shoes come with the outfit and the top is in short and long versions.
This is FREE until Sunday 22nd November and it will then be placed for sale.

Please enjoy and take care
Nikki and Georg xxx

~Our new Designs~

We have some new designs for you.

The first is with the festive season in mind, full of the sparkly party time in mind.
This Party Sequin dress can be worn in two ways, with the prim skirt to go all out *ballroom formal wear* or in an elegant straightline shorter dress style (my preference :-)) Both look lovely.

I will only show the one colour as an example but it also comes in Gold, Silver, Rust, Red (as seen below) Purple, Pink and Teal. They all look so pretty and are a steal at only L$120

The following is a sweet winter charmer. Jenny is a lovely casual Jeans set with a buttoned up cardigan, a long top to wear underneath the cardigan for the more modest or those who feel the cold more ;-) Jeans, scarf and BOOTS!

Another steal at a super price of L$100 for the complete set in colours of Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple and yellow. Show below is one example of Jenny in Purple.

Finally another Winter warmer we have our Heart Pullover set. A lovely pullover with heart cutout to the chest area, again a long top for wearing underneath the pullover, Leather Pants with a textured belt, Scarf and BOOTS! :-)
The colours available are Black, Green, Purple and Pink which is shown below.

All of these are available now at our store in
Take care and have fun
Nikki and Georg xxxxx

The Survey is complete!

This weekend we closed the survey.

We say a big thankyou to everyone who participated in this. We were very overwhelmed and surprised with the participation and moreover we were very pleased with the positive results and the very nice and kind comments we received.

So, we had a very close look at the results and we drew some conclusions from them.

1. Our "Free Gift of the Week" will now get presented in a new way and by changing that we also changed the name. The reason for that is, it is not really a free gift as the words suggest or even more suggestively an exclusive one off design, its more a free "Preview" of one of our new designs that will (99.9% of the time go to sale). We have already changed the look of the gift stand and from now on you will find every week our "Weekly free Preview Design".

2. As you may have already seen, we are starting to change the look of our saleboxes. The new boxes will show what items are in the box and in which layers you will receive the outfits. Changing all the boxes is a really monumental task, so we will be doing the old boxes over time but all new designs will come in the new boxes.

3. Some people commented that the shop is huge and it takes time to find what you are looking for. We can't change the size of the shop, but we placed a shop map with teleporter system around the shop. This will hopefully help you arrive quicker and easier to the section you are looking for.

4. For us, the most difficult feedback point was the copy or transfer discussion. We are known to be a shop that still sells transferable items (There are becoming less and less clothing shops that do so over the time).
The survey results did show us that we still have a lot of customers who would like the option for copyable items. A year ago we had a try to accomodate this and we offered copy as well as the transferable items. This meant for us the use of double prims and double workload. The sales of the copy versions were not that remarkable at all so we came to the conclusion to take the copy versions down.
This survey has shown us that our customer base has maybe changed over the time so we are currently in the process of working out a good, easy way to offer the copy versions alongside our normal transfer. These changes will not happen before next year with Christmas so close now but in the meantime you all are very welcome to ask us for a copy version and we will be happy to make that happen for you.
We hope the above changes will appeal to you and our doors are always open for any further suggestions.

Cheers and Happy Days
Nikki and Georg xxxxx

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Our Weekly Preview Design :-)

Hello everyone :-)

Hope you are well. Its that time of the week which everyone loves :-) We have however decided to rename our "Gift of the week" to "Weekly Preview Design" :-)

We decided to do this as we felt there might have been some confusion that this weekly design was an exclusive or one off. It has always been, or 99% of the time been a little preview of a design that will go to sale the following or so week. We offer it free for the week so we can see how well it is received, what is a popular design and what isn't etc etc. :-)

So our new weekly preview design (which of course is free :-)) is introduced to you here below. Olivia is a lovely pantset with a beautifully detailed neckline and pants with faint pinstriping. Its an outfit for every day wear whether casual or dressy and can also be worn for that night out on the town.

Olivia pantset is available until Sunday morning (SL time) 15th November.

Have fun and take care
Nikki and Georg xxxx

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Our latest Designs :-)

Hi again :-)
As promised I have pictures here of our latest designs. Most of these were designed for the Sensations Fashion Contest we were going to be involved in (seen below) but pulled out of due to what we saw was an unfair hitch in the voting system.
All of these designs can be found in the shop and in our XStreet SL store.


Golden Green hues this pretty peasant shirt top with matching pants, textured belt and prim sleeves.

Realistic Pantset in Autumn Colours this is perfect for casual, dressy or career, Jacket, belt, Turtleneck collar & sleeve cuffs included.

Lovely Velour Pantsuit with lovely floral print to the texture gorgeous formal set with scarf belt

cont'd below.....

Our latest designs (contd)


4. Tube top with pants and Chainbelt included. Great for those hot night outs.

Fashionable Skirt set with Realistic Blouse Top, Shadowed Ruffle trim and peekaboo chest prim belt included Complete look
Pant jumpsuit this is a lovely all in one set that is so dressy, comes with a scarf type belt and prims legcuffs, beaded neckline is a lovely feature to this

Have fun and take care
Nikki and Georg xxx

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Free gift of the week ~Diana Paisley Pantset~

Hello and hope you are all well.
Our new free gift is up and running and isn't it nice to see something non Halloween related?? :-) But ok, Christmas is just around the corner :P
So, this week we have a lovely Pantset which ok, its summer themed not Winter, dont forget..I am in Australia! :-)
The top is a lovely dusky pink with paisley prints covering and realistic folds...the pants are High waisted Black/Grey and nice and stylish. Available until Sunday AM SL time 8th November 09.

We have plenty of new designs which I shall be posting about here shortly so do look around.
Have fun and Happy days
Take care
Nikki and Georg xxxx

Would you care to help us improve our shop?

We are constantly aiming to improve and better ourself at G&N Quality Design. We feel over time our designs are getting much better which is great considering we entered this business with no real background in Graphic Designing so we are proud to see our designs so well received.

We have prepared a short survey which we would love for you to fill out, it won't take long at all and will be valuble feedback to us to see where we can be working "extra hard" :-)

and as a bonus, those that leave they're name (it is optional) will get to choose an outfit of they're choice from our shop.
Thankyou for this, it is appreciated
Happy Days

Nikki and Georg xxxx