Monday, November 16, 2009

~Our new Designs~

We have some new designs for you.

The first is with the festive season in mind, full of the sparkly party time in mind.
This Party Sequin dress can be worn in two ways, with the prim skirt to go all out *ballroom formal wear* or in an elegant straightline shorter dress style (my preference :-)) Both look lovely.

I will only show the one colour as an example but it also comes in Gold, Silver, Rust, Red (as seen below) Purple, Pink and Teal. They all look so pretty and are a steal at only L$120

The following is a sweet winter charmer. Jenny is a lovely casual Jeans set with a buttoned up cardigan, a long top to wear underneath the cardigan for the more modest or those who feel the cold more ;-) Jeans, scarf and BOOTS!

Another steal at a super price of L$100 for the complete set in colours of Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple and yellow. Show below is one example of Jenny in Purple.

Finally another Winter warmer we have our Heart Pullover set. A lovely pullover with heart cutout to the chest area, again a long top for wearing underneath the pullover, Leather Pants with a textured belt, Scarf and BOOTS! :-)
The colours available are Black, Green, Purple and Pink which is shown below.

All of these are available now at our store in
Take care and have fun
Nikki and Georg xxxxx

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