Thursday, November 12, 2009

Our Weekly Preview Design :-)

Hello everyone :-)

Hope you are well. Its that time of the week which everyone loves :-) We have however decided to rename our "Gift of the week" to "Weekly Preview Design" :-)

We decided to do this as we felt there might have been some confusion that this weekly design was an exclusive or one off. It has always been, or 99% of the time been a little preview of a design that will go to sale the following or so week. We offer it free for the week so we can see how well it is received, what is a popular design and what isn't etc etc. :-)

So our new weekly preview design (which of course is free :-)) is introduced to you here below. Olivia is a lovely pantset with a beautifully detailed neckline and pants with faint pinstriping. Its an outfit for every day wear whether casual or dressy and can also be worn for that night out on the town.

Olivia pantset is available until Sunday morning (SL time) 15th November.

Have fun and take care
Nikki and Georg xxxx

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