Monday, November 16, 2009

The Survey is complete!

This weekend we closed the survey.

We say a big thankyou to everyone who participated in this. We were very overwhelmed and surprised with the participation and moreover we were very pleased with the positive results and the very nice and kind comments we received.

So, we had a very close look at the results and we drew some conclusions from them.

1. Our "Free Gift of the Week" will now get presented in a new way and by changing that we also changed the name. The reason for that is, it is not really a free gift as the words suggest or even more suggestively an exclusive one off design, its more a free "Preview" of one of our new designs that will (99.9% of the time go to sale). We have already changed the look of the gift stand and from now on you will find every week our "Weekly free Preview Design".

2. As you may have already seen, we are starting to change the look of our saleboxes. The new boxes will show what items are in the box and in which layers you will receive the outfits. Changing all the boxes is a really monumental task, so we will be doing the old boxes over time but all new designs will come in the new boxes.

3. Some people commented that the shop is huge and it takes time to find what you are looking for. We can't change the size of the shop, but we placed a shop map with teleporter system around the shop. This will hopefully help you arrive quicker and easier to the section you are looking for.

4. For us, the most difficult feedback point was the copy or transfer discussion. We are known to be a shop that still sells transferable items (There are becoming less and less clothing shops that do so over the time).
The survey results did show us that we still have a lot of customers who would like the option for copyable items. A year ago we had a try to accomodate this and we offered copy as well as the transferable items. This meant for us the use of double prims and double workload. The sales of the copy versions were not that remarkable at all so we came to the conclusion to take the copy versions down.
This survey has shown us that our customer base has maybe changed over the time so we are currently in the process of working out a good, easy way to offer the copy versions alongside our normal transfer. These changes will not happen before next year with Christmas so close now but in the meantime you all are very welcome to ask us for a copy version and we will be happy to make that happen for you.
We hope the above changes will appeal to you and our doors are always open for any further suggestions.

Cheers and Happy Days
Nikki and Georg xxxxx

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