Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Peace On Earth Gridwide Hunt

We were so pleased to be offered the opportunity to participate in this hunt again this year. Last year's was very successful and probably one of the best organised hunts around.

As seen on the blog site for the Peace on Earth hunt:
"The theme PEACE ON EARTH was chosen to draw upon the universal sense of unity that we feel during the holiday season. It is meant to be a festive hunt that all people can embrace. It will be an opportunity for a grid wide celebration of the diversity that is Second Life. We wish to foster understanding , tolerance, and respect throughout this global community. We wish to promote those things which bring people together and will select from the applications we receive, the stores and gifts we feel best represent those ideals of unity and trust among nations,peoples, & their communities. We are a general audience friendly hunt and are proud to offer our Second Life communities a safe holiday celebration".
Information regarding the hunt before and during can be found on the website

So a sneaky preview of our gift to the SL community participating in this hunt is A Hippy Christmas which we feel sends a peaceful message. Make love, not war, Peace to the world. The set includes Jeans, prim sleeves and trouser cuffs, a headband, necklace and boots, you can wear this outfit in two ways and of course mix and match from your own inventory wardrobe.
This will be placed inside the "Earth globe ball" which will also include the LM to the next store so keep an eye out for this in an easy to find spot come December the 1st!

Have fun everyone, take care
Nikki and Georg xxxx

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