Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy New Year ... start of new Designs!

Hello everyone
HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a brilliant start to the New Year!
Its been a while since our last entry but with Christmas and all it was time for a break from what has been a wonderful year. We have seen our shop grow stronger and more popular giving us a wonderful returning customer base. Our groups have grown and the Data based one especially has shown us that many people were wanting to join our group but with a limited amount of room in the profile for groups were unable to do so, so thankyou (honey) Georg for doing that :-) If you are wanting to join our group but dont have the room, this is a perfect option and there are signs in our shop for you to join.
So, some new designs for the start of the new year..available now

We have Lulu which is a lovely Jacket/Pantset. There is an attachable collar, cuffs and a belt to finish this off. All are modify and transferable of course. If this outfit proves popular we shall offer it in other colours. Of course..only give us a call if you would like to see it in another colour too.

Next we have a lovely a pretty mauve. Belt is included.

Moving towards careerwear we present Dana, a lovely pantsuit with a tank top for under. All of clothes this year will be coming with many more layer options to make them more versatile and flexible.

And finally we offer you Chloe. This is a lovely skirt set and perfect careerwear too. All layer options are offered here.

So please enjoy, welcome 2010 and a great year with G&N Quality Design.

Georg and Nikki xxxx

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