Friday, May 14, 2010

Whats in a name?

I am sitting here chuckling to myself at the moment.
When we first started designing we would name our outfits by how they appeared to us, to name a just a few we had outfits called Asian Dragon, Purple frenzy, Pink Blossom, Flaming blooms (which still exists) and even poofing flowers! These were not very appealing names but at the time when you looked at the outfits they were appointed to you could probably see why they were named as such :-) I think Georg, my wonderful husband and business partner was always waiting in anticipation to see what my next outfit would be called, a little bit like our skins at the moment :-) He will do the sellboxes and the other week he was doing a set and asked what the blue would be called and I said "Beautiful Blue", ....."and the Green"? he enquired, "Well honey, Gorgeous Green of course!" I responded, ..... "Uh huh" was his reply :-0 See...Nothing fazes him! LOL..its like old times!

Over time this way of naming outfits became a little hard because how many outfits could you call "Loopy loops" or "Blowout bubbles"! :-) (Dont worry, we weren't that bad! :-)) so we adopted the normal way of naming designs in SL and started to use "Real" names. I have a webpage bookmarked of all babynames and I use that when I am stumped for a name of an outfit we design. I try to research the origin of the name to make sure I am not translating my new outfit into "beware of doomsday" or something terribly equal but sometimes I have just allocated a name to the outfit without research to be delightfully surprised later on to learn the name is a perfect match. Mayaka Beck, a fellow blogger is a beautifully curious young lass :-) She is always researching for her blog and is eager to learn. She is godsend when it comes to learning about my outfits, interpreting them and almost writing an encyclopedia about them :-)

So I have strayed a little here, gosh, me and my ramblings :-) So the name for the outfit I am about to introduce? Nicole. Yes, simply, Nicole :-) Whilst wondering what this lovely outfit should be named it occured to me I had never used my own RL name so there you have it. Nicole Pantset and while I am at it, Nicole is of greek origin, and its meaning is "People of Victory" Hmmm, well dont know it matches this outfit because I didnt research it beforehand but I like it :-)

Nicole is a lovely berry coloured designer top with cross over back, and highwaisted white pants with subtle pinstripes to match. There are rhinestones trimming the neckline of the top and a textured belt. This comes in various layers for flexiblility. Priced at L$90 its an absolute quality bargain.

BTW, did you know Nicole has 50 variants to the name? :-)

Have fun and happy days
Nikki and Georg xxxx

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