Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Free Gift of the week 26 Aug 08

It seems an eternity since we first presented the display for the start of the olympics. It was with some sense of relief to finally change it although it was a very successful display and all the countries involved did so well in Beijing.
So now we have moved on and are pleased to present a new display. Still an oriental theme we have gone Japanese for a week or two :-)

It gives such a lovely and relaxing theme after the hectic pace of the Olympics and is really quite serene feeling inside where you may sit and have some fruit :-)

Of course once inside this is where you will find our free gift of the week. We offer a kimono with all the bells and whistles. All attachments are with this as well as Geta and Kanzashi. A bag is also there for free in a pretty cherry blossom pattern.

The kimono is a Cherry and Plum Blossom print on a pretty mauve background. There are traditional Japanese women printed on the Obi.
Come and enjoy this display and help yourself to the free gift. Again, you do not have to be a member of our group to enjoy this but being a member gives added benefits such as group only exclusives, earlier notification of free gift and sales etc.

Cheers and Happy Days

Nikki and Georg xxx

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