Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lots and Lots of new Designs :-)

Hello everybody, hope you are all keeping well. I havent blogged for a few weeks as we have been so busy. We have given the shop inworld a facelift and it is absolutely looking great. I will try to post some pics soon. In the meantime we have also been busy in between with designing. We have done lots actually and there is a mixture of New skins, career, formal, summer dresses, babydolls and vintage styling. I will post all the design pictures below and you can look through and see for your self what lovely quality bargains have been added to our designs.

Starting with a lovely evening pantset we have Zara which is lovely when you are not wanting to wear a dress.

Next we have 5 new skins to our range and these go by the name of Selena. Dark and light brows are included as well as an option to wear pierced or unpierced nose and belly. Alpha make up is included should you wish to wear the makeup with another skin.

Our Olicia Jeanset is next with sculpty cuffs to the shoulders. This comes in 2 colours and is a lovely summery set.

Our Franca BabyDolls come in 4 springtime colours and is a lovely addition to the casual wardrobe. Slip on heels are included with this.

Our gorgeous Erica Cocktail dress line is a perfect addition to your formal wear. A touch of vintage 20s here the shoes are included. 6 Colours are available here.

Dominique is a pretty little sundress that comes in 4 gorgeous pastel/citrus colourings. There is a belted and unbelted version and the hat and shoes are included.

For our careerwear customers we have added 4 colours of the Ashanti Pantset. Tweed pants set this off and its a lovely addition for the business person in Secondlife.

So as you can see, we have been quite busy and all of these designs are available in our new look shop in Pepita

We look forward to seeing you

Nikki and Georg


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