Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cute Freckles

4 new skins added this week.
Actually these have been in my inventory for a few weeks and needed only some final tweaks :-)
I decided to give freckles a go. I gave up trying to put them over the body in the end as no matter what they always had a blurred and stretched look giving the appearance of me getting over some rather horrible skin disease. I was pleased with the results on the face though so if your after a freckled look all over the body, then these are not for you. Depending on the interest in these ones I endeavour to play with makeup colours in the future.
So, the skin tones shown here are in the lighter cream colour but there is Tan also available in our store.
Of course demos are available and these skins also come with a shape if you so wish to use.

(This first one by the way is not freckled)

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