Saturday, July 3, 2010

Two Stylish new outfits

Hi there and hope your well :-)
I managed to find time to do two new outfits for this week as well as get the skins finished. Both these lovely outfits have a stylish look and can be worn formally or as casual chic.
Gloria Pantset comes in Highwaisted buttoned pants in a beige and the floral off the shoulder top in a summery peach colour. It has two attachments, the sculpty off shoulder prim and the neck scarf. If you dont like to wear the off shoulder prim the top has been designed that the off shoulder look is in texture.

Bridie Skirt set is a lovely goldish creamy beige (wow so many ways to describe its colour :-))
The skirt has a textured belt and the one shouldered top has a pretty floral neckline at the front.
The shoes are included with this. Again a stylish outfit.

All layers possible to give you that flexible wear these are two lovely additions to the wardrobe.

Please enjoy, available now at

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