Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Weekly free preview Design ~Rosa~

Hi everybody and hope your well
Our new free weekly preview is up and running and this week its a lovely combination. The purple top has a stunning strappy chest area and is available to be worn long or short. The pants are wonderful high waisted style with sculpty cuffs to match. They are a loose fit pant and I can tell you, Georg worked very hard matching these cuffs to the pant. With all the different lighting situations in SL its a challenge most designers face, to match prims with textured clothes so once again I invite you, if you havent already, to take a look in our Tips and Tutorials section where you can find a really cool setting for SL windlight which makes your ava and clothes look lovely without the need for a face or body light.
So, come and grab this lovely outfit which is free until Sunday 21st March where it shall then be put out for sale.

Take care and Happy Days
Nikki and Georg xxx

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