Monday, April 27, 2009

New Free Gift of the week & Some New Designs

Our new free gift of the week is up and running and is a gorgeous berry coloured Jacket top combination. Navy Pants are included as well as a Headband and shoes. This is just so pretty worn and is available free for 1 week until it hits the shelves for sale.
Due to popularity we have extended our 50% off Spring sale until Wednesday only then we shall have to absolutely close it. So anyone wanting last minute bargains can do so for a couple more days.
So introducing Lavita..Please enjoy

Thought we might get a little retro/hippy this year and will focus on bringing some more of these designs to you.
As is becoming our norm we include all accessories that are mentioned on the sell box.
Here we have the lovely Chantella Dress

and this is the lovely Hippy Fever Set which includes a cool Peace sign necklace
Back to our Pantsets we have the lovely Tammy which is a refreshing colour for the warm months
Please enjoy and all of these and many many more can be found at G&N Quality Design in Pepita.
Happy Days
Georg and Nikki xxx

Monday, April 20, 2009

Together we are one :-)

Dont we just look soooo busy! :P

This is how our ava's spend they're time (sometimes) when we are busy designing :-) (Lucky them :-))

So I was thinking, team work and how it works for us.

We both enjoy our designing, if we didn't we wouldn't be doing it right? Well there are certain elements of the designing that I must admit I don't enjoy, simply because I don't have the patience, (although I have been told I am getting better), and there are certain elements that Georg doesn't enjoy too much either. For example, I dont have much patience with adjusting the textures on a prim skirt, Georg does, I dont have as much skill at the finer details with the shadowing, Georg does, ..Georg tends to not be as patient with doing outlining of an outfit such as shoulder straps and making sure textures are rubbed away "perfectly" in the appropriate parts..yet I do have the patience with that. So instead of us "trashing" many outfits out of frustration, we have really started to work as a team. Sometimes an outfit can start out quite simply and with an idea on how it will look, then by the time we have finished the complete outfit can look completely different but 100% better than the original as we build upon our ideas. There was a time, Georg would critisize some of my outfits in a constructive manner and I would cringe the moment I heard those words "may I say something?" Now we are working together to improve each time and I can honestly say with this team effort our designs are getting better each time. More importantly, it is good for us in an equal value sense that this is more "our" shop, "our" designs.. we are increasingly able to say "our outfit just sold"

Georg is also a capable builder and pooling that into our team effort we are able to offer more and more of our outfits with standard accessories and attachments. Building is nothing for me, although I may learn over time and I have enjoyed tinkering with jewelry in the past and I did enjoy doing some of the accessories for our Seven Deadly Sins Series.

As I found in Wikipedia

Teamwork is a joint action by two or more people or a group, in which each person contributes with different skills and Express his or her individual interests and opinions to the unity and efficiency of the group in order to achieve common goals.

This does not mean that the individual is no longer important; however, it does mean that effective and efficient teamwork goes beyond individual accomplishments. The most effective teamwork is produced when all the individuals involved harmonize their contributions and work towards a common goal.

In order for teamwork to succeed one must be a teamplayer. A teamplayer is one who subordinates personal aspirations and works in a coordinated effort with other members of a group, or team, in striving for a common goal. Businesses and other organizations often go to the effort of coordinating team building events in an attempt to get people to work as a team rather than as individuals.

So Keep smiling, be a good team player, and happy days

Nikki xxxx

Free Gift of the week ~ Strawberry Delight ~

Hello everyone, hope you are all keeping well. That time of the week again and this week the free gift is simply "yummy" :-)

Strawberry Delight was concieved whilst I was at a BBQ and we were indulging in strawberries. I thought, what a delicious summery fruit that can represented in one of our outfits which shall surely delight for the new warmer seasons. And I must admit, I am pretty chuffed with the end result.

Its a pretty outfit and comes with Hat, pearly choker, cuffs and shoes. Although not seen in this picture, the shorts also feature some of the delicious fruit.

So..introducing ..Strawberry Delight..please enjoy and happy days (the glasses are a freebie by steinwerks and can be found next to our gift)

Nikki & Georg xxx

Pepita 25, 135, 21

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Sale now on!

Announcing our Spring Sale..NOW ON.. 50% off all clothing including Menswear. Great bargains to be had, as low as L$17!!

Have fun

Georg and Nikki xxx

New Free gift of the week ~ Julia ~

Hello everyone

Its been a while since our last entry, I have been moving home in RL and my ADSL was offline for a while.

All is settled and am happily back.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter break and are enjoying the finer weather.

So our new free gift of the week is up and running and this is a very unique looking outfit. Its rather a school girl looking top but in other ways also quite a sexy looking career looking top. There is a hint of masculinity with the tie but still a very feminine outfit.

So, introducing...Julia

Please enjoy

Nikki and Georg xxxx

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Free gift of the week~ Yves~

Hello everyone
Its that time of week again.
We have a lovely outfit this week which consists of Jacket (this comes in Jacket and shirt layer) Jeans, Prim Belt and Pumps.
Lovely bright colours to contrast nicely with the black and as it has been pointed out, the German flag colours, how could I have missed that!
I will be offline for an unknown amount of time from tonight EST, hopefully for not too long, its while I move home in RL and wait for my internet to be reconnected. Anyway enquiries while I am away should be directed to Georg Stonewall.
Cheers and happy days
Nikki and Georg xxxx
G&N Quality Design Pepita 25, 135, 21