Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fortnightly Preview Gift ~Cleo Dress 2010~

Hi everybody, hope your keeping well.
This fortnights preview gift is a revamped look of our Cleo Dress from our Cleo range. This is a winterized look and comes with the boots and hat. Its super classy chic wear and looks great on.

It is available now until the 10th of October SL time. Feel free to come by and enjoy.
Nikki and Georg xxxx

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Snuggly Warmth for Winter!

This year we decided we had to have Cardigans and Jackets made from Prims, sculpty prims to be precise. We hope they prove popular as alot of customers do like the attachments rather than a painted on Jacket or cardigan .. but in saying that, we shall still keep to that line of designing as there as still a majority who do not like the prims.
I was rather chuffed at how the fur Jackets looked and pleased with the result of the cardigans, below are the results.

Dont they look snuggly and warm? :-)
And below we have the chunky knit cardigan with pretty trims.

Both Cardigans and Jackets have a little lace ties to the front for that added finishing touch.
Enjoy, have fun and happy days
Nikki and Georg xxxx

Still some Warmth left for lighter wear :-)

There is still some warmth left before we have to don our winter weight clothing in SL :-)
I have added three more colour options to the Kerina dresses and a little hat adds a classy feel to these. Also Tatiana is a favourite from last season which I have changed the look of. It quite suits the time of Halloween really :-)

Have fun and happy Days
Georg and Nikki xxxx

A little bit of old made new again!

Hello and hope you are well. We have decided to revamp some of last years popular winter sellers. Amazing what a colour change and adding some accessories can do. These designs shall be alongside some exciting new ones to come and are available now in store.

Please enjoy and have fun
Nikki and Georg xxx

Monday, September 13, 2010

Fortnightly Preview Gift ~Olyve Pantset~

This fortnights free preview gift is kick starting our Autumn Season.
Olyve is a versatile addition to the wardrobe and comes with stylish buckled boots. The vest and shirt can be worn seperately, combined, tucked in, so many layers to make it more flexible. The pants are stylish and comfortable and this whole look is perfect.

Available now until Sunday the 26th September SL time.
Please enjoy and take care
Nikki and Georg xxxxx

New Designs Ready for Autumn 2010

Hi there and welcome
Its been a while. Real life has been chaotic and trying to get the time for SL was really hard but we are back on board again and have some lovely new designs to start off the Autumn season.
Scarves, hats and coats will be our focus this year and some of our outfits will come with these as a free addition :-)
The first of our design is a lovely outfit by the name of Jaynie. The Leggings outfit comes with a scarf and lovely boots and the top is trimmed with a pretty crochet lace piece.
As always this come in many versatile layers with the options to wear the top tucked in or out.

The following two outfits are also a lovely addition to your Autumn wardrobe. Trixie is a lovely Capri Jeans outfit with either the purple or beige top. The Ruffle on the top is the centrepiece and these come with sculpty leg cuffs and sleeves. Both come with the flexible layers and you can wear this with or without the textured belt.
Lastly we have a new addition to our Hippy Fever series. This series has proved popular indeed and this latest addition we hope shall prove just as.
The dress comes with boots, belts, sculpty collar and a headband. Flexible layers Hippy Fever 7 is a must have for all those peace loving sisters.

So please enjoy, take care and have lots of fun
Nikki and Georg xxxxx