Saturday, September 24, 2011

G&N Free Weekly Preview ~Charlotte Blue Jeans Set~

Hi there and hope everyone is well. Our new free preview gift is up and running and this will be one of 4 colours that shall be available. The tunic knit top has lovely crochet features and sleeves, a bow to the top and the Jeans with matching flats are included.
As I am a little late with the blog this week this has only a little over a week left before it is put out for sale. You do have until Tuesday 4th October though, it will be a little later than normal for the new gift as I shall be flying overseas at the normal time :-)

Please enjoy this lovely outfit which you will find in our mainstore in Pepita

Take care and have lots of fun
Nikki Heron xxxx

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

G&N Quality Design ~ Our new Free fortnightly Preview gift.

Inspired by a show I am watching atm in Australia (I think those who are watching it might know which one I am talking about :-)) I couldnt resist making my version of some of the lovely dresses from the 20s and 20s era. A gorgeous vintage feel to this complete with a cloche hat and choker this is a must have. Its free until the 18th of September and will then be added alongside some other colours of this dress for sale in the shop.

Have fun and take care

Business is better when your dressed for it :-)

It started with the Grey Carmel Jumper dress which has been widely popular. It includes the belt and boots but what makes it more value for money is the fact this dress has layers included that gives you the shirt combined with the dress top or without! So now we have added 3 new seasonal colours to make a lovely collection for the working woman in SL or the woman who just likes to be fashionable. Enjoy!

Carmel is available at our shop in Pepita

or the Marketplace

Take care
Heron xxxx