Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New Free Gift of the Week 19 Nov 2008

So, its that time of the week again. Our free gift this week is named Bonnie and I was delighted to find the meaning of this name which I feel was chosen correctly for this outfit.
This name has always been more popular in the US than elsewhere, although it is actually Scottish in origin. The word is still used in Scotland and parts of Northern England to mean pretty or attractive.
I have released it with two styles of skirts, the straight system skirt with glitch pants and the flexi prim skirt with pants as well. All is modify.
This is actually quite a big folder as there are prim attachments included such as a off shoulder collar, sleeve cuffs and a tummy sleeve. A sculpty handbag is also included.
This is a terrific free gift which I am sure you will enjoy so please join us and help yourself at
Pepita 25, 135, 21

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