Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hope Hunt and Race for Relay For Life

We are participating the Hope Hunt and Race for RFL.
You may recall the start of the Hunt from June earlier this year which had to be withdrawn because of technical issues. The ‘All-Stars’ Relay for Life team has fixed all difficulties and the hunt has restarted as of Sunday, September 27 at 10AM SLT and will continue until Saturday, October 10 SLT.
This Hunt is also a race. Find as many roses as you can and win L$45,000. The second still get L$25,000 and the third L$10,000.The prize money has been donated anonymously, in honor of a loved one who lost the battle to cancer.
How does it work?We and over 200 other shops have hidden roses in their locations. Some of these roses also include a free gift (see following photo of the gifts we are offering). But even the roses without a gift are counted for the race.

We have 11 roses in our shop (5 with one of the above gifts included). They are situated in two different parts of our shop. Keep an eye on the parcel name in the top of your viewer, it should always read "G&N Quality Design, casual and formal pantsets" and "G&N Quality Design pantsets and trouser suits" if the parcel name changes then you are leaving the location which the roses are in. Our shop is huge so this will hopefully help you to find the roses more easily.In our shop you will find a Hope Hunt+Race sign, by clicking on the sign you will get a Hud. This Hud will show you through the Hunt details, how many roses you already have and how many roses are left on the location you are just in. There is also a notecard in the sign with more detailed information about how all works. The starting point can be at any of the participating stores and if you wish to start at ours the SLurl is
Remember..have lots and lots of fun :-)
Nikki and Georg xxxx

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