Monday, February 21, 2011

Fortnightly Preview Gift ~Shannon Skirt Set and two new designs~

Trying to find a happy medium between RL and SL can be hard sometimes. I love to design and really could sit all day long designing but of course that is just not going to happen. After having a break from SL for a week it was lovely to come online to find two beautiful and kind notes awaiting me. I have to copy them as I am very proud of both Georg and I and where our shop is atm

Hello Ms Heron, thank you for taking the time to read this.

If you look at my profile you will see that I am pretty new to SL, but I happened across one of your skins on a Valentine's day gift..

OH MY GOD.I was totally blown away by its quality and style. Since joining SL I have gathered literally over 900 skins and I sat down to try them on..I came on yours about 750 skins in (if only I had started from the top instead of the bottom! laughs)

I was SO stunned by the detail and quality, NOTHING else I had come across came close to matching this FREE skin!

Popping into your store was an even bigger surprise you are definitely one of the best designers I have seen so far in SL, and I had to take a moment to say thank you for your quality of work. I now own 5 more of your skin packs beides the valentine's day freebie, and everyone that has seen me so far in your skins LOVE it and I tell em where to go to buy one of their own!

Thank you SO much for being the biggest and best surprise I have yet seen on SL..I thank you also for your time, and hope you have a great day!


Hi Nikki,
I've thoroughly enjoyed my time in your shop. You have some very cool outfits and so very reasonably priced. I brought my first outfit from you on xstreet, so glad I came to check out your shop. Looking forward to seeing your future designs.
By the way: You have an excellent fashion department store, so easy to walk around, so easy to see everything on display. Loved the music too :) Beautiful shopping in such classy surroundings. Thank you :)
Keep up the great designs, T :)

It takes time and dedication to keep a shop running in SL and with so much competition on the rise its actually a bit of a triumph to have a shop running for more than 2 years for most nowadays. In some of the groups I belong to I get to observe many conversations and notices and I always feel a little sad when i see a "closing down" shop sale because I wonder if its been because of the competition in SL fashion or something in RL that has happened to take them from this commitment. And it really is a commitment because as you get more popular it is expected you will have a good change over of clothing designs etc so your loyal customer isnt seeing the same old thing each time she/he visits. Sure, I could do what many designers do and offer many of the same design in lots of different colours to make the shop look refreshed and full but that is one thing I dont like to do so much with my designs. Some are offered in a few colour options if it will suit the line, others are unique enough to stay as a one off colour and I think this is what sets us apart from most of the other designers because what we do have to offer is a huge range of different styles without the need to bring every one of them out in a Red, black, white or pink, and we work with colours well enough to make our designs quite colourful enough :-)

So, onto the Free gift first, our Shannon Skirt set is a lovely intro to Spring not so far off. The main material is Broderie Anglais which helps set the skirt off into a lovely Boho or Gypsy girl styling. A floral Headband is included and as I see in another blog already about this outfit, you could quite easily add a pretty veil and bouquet to this outfit and have a gorgeous wedding dress in this style. The Slip on Heels are included as well as the necklace and as all of our items, it is modify.

Shannon is available until the 6th March 2011 SL time.

Two new designs are also available and are seasons apart but who cares in SL :-)

Judee Leggings set is a colourful outfit for winter or autumn, heck even a cold spring day :-) Lots of accessories included in this one inc boots and hat.

Keesha is a pretty Spring/Summer babydoll arrangement with complimenting Ballet Flat shoes. The Light blue and mint go well together dont you think?

All of these are available now at our super store in Pepita at

Have fun, take care and Happy Days

Nikki and Georg xxxx

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