Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Naughty, bad, ugly windlight :P

A big issue most of us faced was the *Ugly Ava* syndrome :-) We invested alot into having a lovely looking ava then along comes windlight and what has happened to our beautiful skins and perfectly matched textured prim skirts and attachments :-0
Then the facelight comes to the rescue, but alas this has not been greeted with open arms with alot of people because not only does it brighten up our avas like a christmas tree but all around us gets a good lighting attack too not to mention these facelights can only be seen by those who have set *Local Lighting* enabled in preferences.
Anyway, on my travels through the forums I found some custom made settings that can be added to the environment editor under environment settings which is also found under the world tab :-)
Namssor Daguerre has come up with perfect settings for your ava to look beautiful and bright without the need for a facelight.
Have a look at my ava as an example below. do we make these settings?

Follow me :-))

On the top tool bar click and go into world on Environment settings
...then environment editor
...a new window appears on Advanced Sky
...There you will see the preset you are in need to click on new as you are making a new one it Ava or whatever you will remember
...then follow the presets I have here below.

Save your presets and enjoy the beautiful you. I must add that unfortunetly...not many people but you will enjoy this look as its your settings only..but I feel better with it and its great for photos and you can share these settings around with as many people as you can. Spread the word :-)
After a relog you will find you need to go back into Environment settings to get it back as SL has its own default settings it reverts back to on each log out.
Here are some links to the forum threads I spoke of earlier..

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