Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tips on Adjusting the Prim skirt and attachments

Boo :-)
Yes thats me somewhere behind the curtain :-)
Noooo, this curtain is actually a prim skirt and today I am going to attempt to be a teacher and try to explain to you how get a near perfect looking skirt :-)
Unless your shape is very similar to my shape, the prim part of the skirt you've just bought probably needs some adjusting. Make sure you are wearing both the under shorts and the prim skirt.
My outfit is a simple system top and pants made by only going into appearance mode and colouring in black.

As we all know, the flexi prim skirt texture looks great on the picture we see when we buy but when we put it on our own avatar it can look a little different with the texture and shade. Nearly all designers will make the prim skirt on they're own avas and as there are not many avas with the same shapes and settings most times a prim skirt will need a little modification/fine tuning to suit your ava. This will seem a long tutorial but is worth the read to look your best :-)

Another problem faced at the moment with the flexi prim skirt attachment is texture/colour detail. As we all run different computers and graphic cards, settings and viewers (windlight, dazzle and normal grid at this time) the way each and all of us see the colour will differ greatly. Again modification/fine tuning should help here.

Before starting any adjustments please take care to write down original settings incase you need to go back to them.

****Adjusting the colour/shade ****
Does the colour of the skirt look darker or brighter than the glitch pants or underskirt? Fix this by again going into edit mode by clicking on the skirt, select texture then click on the box that says color...A color picker box will appear and here you can use the colours below to suit as well as the slider at the side to pick a brightness/darkness. Texture color can also be changed this way too by clicking alternatively on the texture box. I do not recommmend changing the actual colors on any of my skirts as these have already been chosen with care but I do certainly recommend to play with the slider for brightness/darkness levels due to the earlier reason about everybody having different graphics, viewers and settings etc.

****To modify a flexi Prim skirt****
You'll need to make your avatar stand still for this to successfully work. So first, you'll need a pose disk.
To use a pose disk just rez it on the ground. Right click it, and choose stand.

1. Right click on the prim skirt (while wearing it) and select "edit".

2. Hold down the control button and shift on your keyboard. You should see white boxes on the edges of the prim.

3. You can make the entire skirt bigger or smaller by clicking on the white boxes and moving your mouse forward or backwards.

4. Once you've adjusted the size, you will most likely have to re-fit it.

5. Use the green, blue and red arrows to ensure the prim skirt is placed properly on your body.

It is not uncommon to have to make some individual adjustments to the skirt panels, particularly the ones in the back.

To make these adjustments, go to the Edit window, click on "Edit linked parts" at the top of the Edit window. Now click on the skirt panel you want to adjust.

Depending on your body settings, you may need to Stretch the skirt pleats to fit. To Stretch the skirt pleats, go to the Edit window, click on "Stretch (Ctrl-Shift)" at the top of the Edit window.

Now, click and hold one of the little white boxes around the skirt pleats and move it slowly away from your avatar.

Of course if you are fairly advanced with using these controls, feel free to adjust whatever you feel, thats why all of my items are modify :-)

I do hope this helps you to fine tune your Flexi prim skirt if you need to and please feel free to IM me inworld if you have any problems.

Kind Regards Nikki Heron :-) and a big thankyou to Natalia Zelmanov AND Nyte Caligari

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