Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Blogger with a passion

We wanted to write a little dedication to a wonderful friend from SL. Her name is Mayaka Beck and she is a passionate blogger.
She started to blog about our shop not long after we had opened our own main store and to our surprise we started appearing in her blog on a weekly basis. We have had the opportunity to read and be featured in a number of wonderful blogs but Mayaka's blog has shown such dedication to bringing a design to life. The length and detail put into her articles are an enjoyment to read and the support and encouragement shown for our SL business has been exceptional, valuble and cherished. We feel honoured to have met such a lovely, kind lady and to share her friendship. Good luck Mayaka, with all your dreams, may they all come true, you really are a "Blogger with a passion"
Our love
Nikki and Georg xxxx

Mayaka's Blog can be found here

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