Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New designs hippy, hippy, formal :-)

Well we have been busy designing once again and have kept in line with our retro/Hippy flavour (except for one design which is a nice formal gown)

These are Perfect for the warmer months coming up so let me introduce to you

Hippy Fever 2 lovely flower power mini which includes Headband, Belt, Prim sleeves, Boots and a Peace sign Necklace

Here is Hippy Fever 3 which we decided to make as a Pantset. It includes Headband, Belt, Arm bands, a flower Necklace and big prim cuffs for the pants...(Oh..the cigarette is included too :-))

Last of all we have the Regale Formal Gown, this can be worn with 2 looks, the prim skirt to give more flow or the straight skirt which is full of lovely shadows and folds. The top has an added Bolero style Jacket and there is a shawl and shimmery gloves included with this dress. This is perfect for the evening out.

So thats all for this week, we have to go and decide how the last of the Hippy Fever designs shall look as I decided I would like 4 in the series.

Have fun, keep well and happy days
Georg and Nikki xxx

G&N Quality Design Pepita 25, 135, 21

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