Monday, August 17, 2009

A taste of Australia and more...

Two of our new designs this week have a real Australian flavour.

They are Aboriginal painting inspired textures and in lovely earthy tones. Every Aussie girl in Secondlife should have one of these dresses :-) Two more are in the making as this will be a series of 4..

Available now at Pepita/25/135/21

Also we have 3 other new outfits to our collection this week

A touch of Daisy Duke here this set comes with a belt, hat and boots. There are also extra shorts inc with painted belt should you prefer not to wear a prim belt.

A Rock chick but feminine look here this was actually inspired from the outfit Celine Dion wears in her video clip to the song "Alone" Boots are included with the Dion Dress.

And lastly.....

Shabby Chic is a vintage looking strapless top which can be worn as a mini dress or with the included denim jeans which have LOVE printed on them. This is a lovely soft outfit which is very pretty worn.

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