Monday, August 24, 2009

Whats New!

Hello :-)

Well, apart from our new free gift we didn't do any new designs this week. Oh I tell a little white lie :-) We did do one but this you shall have to get when the Gridwide Duckie Hunt begins :-)

Link to the DuckieHunt Blogspot

We are participating in this hunt which starts on the 1st September through to the 30th. You will need to find the little yellow duckie for this outfit but as always, we play fair and as we have a very large shop, it won't be hidden too well :-)

So a little preview of our offering for this hunt is Challis Jeanset

In other news tonight (I sound like a newsreader don't I? :-)) we have become affiliated with Aimesi Skins. She has some lovely skins and the vendors are situated upstairs in our formal wear section. Demos are available and the skins are priced at $900. This is comparible with all good quality skins being sold in SL, so if you are up for a new skin, take a look here first. I am sure you won't be disappointed.

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