Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Blogger with a passion

We wanted to write a little dedication to a wonderful friend from SL. Her name is Mayaka Beck and she is a passionate blogger.
She started to blog about our shop not long after we had opened our own main store and to our surprise we started appearing in her blog on a weekly basis. We have had the opportunity to read and be featured in a number of wonderful blogs but Mayaka's blog has shown such dedication to bringing a design to life. The length and detail put into her articles are an enjoyment to read and the support and encouragement shown for our SL business has been exceptional, valuble and cherished. We feel honoured to have met such a lovely, kind lady and to share her friendship. Good luck Mayaka, with all your dreams, may they all come true, you really are a "Blogger with a passion"
Our love
Nikki and Georg xxxx

Mayaka's Blog can be found here

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Free Gift of the week ~Jennifer 20s Red~

Of course its that time again and "of course" I am late in introducing our new free gift of the week but dont worry, its there until Sunday night.
As noted in an entry below, we have done a little 20s number here celebrating the good old Charleston dance days..have you ever tried to do that? :-0 You need to be all arms and legs for sure and top speed meaning top fitness!! :-))
The cigarette features the pose once attached and is perfect for that photo, lovely movement of the dress for dancing, beads and headband finish this perfect sparkly red and gold dress. Hope you enjoy, have fun and happy days
Georg and Nikki xxxx

Pepita 25, 135, 21

OMG..really?..another hunt?? :-)

Yes we are involved in another grid wide treasure hunt. This one is based on silliness and fun. I shall introduce our contribution in the next few days. The dates this hunt is running is from the 30th May until the 20th June. More details can be found by clicking the hunt advert which is situated at our store near the free gift area.

Have fun
Nikki and Georg xxxxx

"Flap" back to the 1920s :-) out to the 60s or simply enjoy now the 00s :-)
Our new designs this week cover the 3. Whether its doing the Charleston, hugging a tree or shopping at a modern 2000s mall one of these is bound to please.
Introducing Jennifer 20s in Black, a lovely sparkly Black and silver layered dress with movement perfect for dancing. The cigarette is worn and automatically causes this pose which is delightful for a photo. The feather headband, stockings and beads finish this outfit off beautifully.

Hippy Fever 6.. note..We were going to call it a day with this series at Hippy Fever 5 but they have been so popular and to make it even 6 had to be done :-) This was lovingly made by our gorgeous Georg who has captured the bright flower power era here...
And lastly we have
Leslie Leather Pantset..this includes prim sleeves and Belt, the top is lovely crochet knit and is ideal for that day at the mall

These and more can be found at our store in Pepita 25, 135, 21
Have fun and Happy days
Georg and Nikki xxx

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

~New Free gift of the week and Group Exclusive~

Well its here again :-) The last of our Hippy Fever series as a free gift before it goes out to sale. I have been taken aback at how well our hippy series is doing so I am pleased we decided to go down this road, it has been well received.
Hippy Fever 5 Free Gift of the week

We have also updated our Group exclusive. This is a special we put out every 3 months or so for our group members. It means that this will not be available for sale ever outside the group so it stays exclusive and is at a super price of L$60. This one is an offspring of the MissShelly Series and is an exclusive gold colour.

Necklace, sleeves, leg cuffs and shoes are included with this.
So, happy shopping, happy days and take care
Georg and Nikki xxxxx
G&N Quality Design Pepita 25, 135, 21

Perfect Pantsets

As mentioned before in one of our earlier blogs, not everyone likes a gown for formal wear. Alot of people feel the prim skirts just get on they're nerves or are too much.
We are pleased to be able to offer dressy pantsets at our store along with the casual ones and these following 4 are perfect for that special evening out.
Introducing the MissShelly Series.

All attachments are included (excluding shoes and hair :-))
So have fun and happy days
Nikki and Georg xxxx
G&N Quality Design Pepita 25, 135, 21

Elegance to be had

Our other new designs consist of 3 luscious formal gowns.
Grape, Ruby and Gold in colour with a gorgeous black lace feature to the skirt these will suit even those who are a bit on the goth side (well, the grape and ruby :-)) Even the vampires may come out for these :-)
They truly are gorgeous and such a bargain at only L$120

Hope you enjoy and thanks for looking
Georg and Nikki
G&N Quality Design Pepita 25, 135, 21

Casual and Hip!!

We have been ever so busy in the last week or so designing, we have been able to add a bit of everything to our designs.
Here we have 5 lovely outfits starting with
Charli which is a long jumper and tights with matching boots, this should appeal to those going into the Southern winter.
Next we have a very fashionable Lisa, Long sleeved top with attached "mock" shrug. The ripped Jeans and belt top this off for a very casual look but fashionable.
Here is Hippy Fever 4, very 60s era retro look. We have done 5 Hippy Fever Designs and as seen above, the 5th is actually this weeks free gift before going to shop release. Headband, Boots and belt are included.

These next dresses are perfect for the summer. Boho Gypsy looking they feature velvet texture and poofy prim sleeves.

Jypsy Moss

Jypsy Rose

So, always a quality bargain, please visit us for all your needs at
G&N Quality Design in Pepita
25, 135, 21

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Free gift of the week ~Mercedes~

Hi everyone
Hope you are keeping well and Mothers Day was enjoyed by all.
Its that time of the week again and boy, does that seem to come around quickly lately.
This week we have a lovely pantset, Mercedes, the pants are more Jeans I guess with goldish pinstriping, a lovely two layered sleeveless top in purple and white. The belt sets this off lovely and shoes to match. It was with some amusement we chose this name :-) We normally try to pick out lovely female names that seem appropriate for the outfit but this particular time we were having a little brain freeze, so on thinking of something random (and thinking I was being funny :-)), I suggested *Mitsubishi* after the model car Georg drives..then Georg retorted with Mercedes and that seemed perfect because it is actually used as a name for a female :-) So Mercedes it was!

So please come help yourself and enjoy.
Georg and Nikki xxx
G&N Quality Design Pepita 25, 135, 21

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Our latest Free Gift ~Sonita~

Here we have, once again our lovely new free gift of the week. I am so pleased with this one, its very stylish and has lots of nice shadowed details. We are very much improving with the realistic folds etc to not have such a "painted on" look.
So to help carry you through the warmer months, a perfect addition to the wardrobe we have the Sonita Skirt and top set. A beautiful deepened Red sleeveless top which has slitted openings to the front and back, the pretty floral skirt with matching belt and Handbag and shoes are included.

So please enjoy, this gift is available only for a week before going to our shelves for sale.

Take care, have fun and Happy days
Georg and Nikki xxx

G&N Quality Design Pepita 25, 135, 21

New designs hippy, hippy, formal :-)

Well we have been busy designing once again and have kept in line with our retro/Hippy flavour (except for one design which is a nice formal gown)

These are Perfect for the warmer months coming up so let me introduce to you

Hippy Fever 2 lovely flower power mini which includes Headband, Belt, Prim sleeves, Boots and a Peace sign Necklace

Here is Hippy Fever 3 which we decided to make as a Pantset. It includes Headband, Belt, Arm bands, a flower Necklace and big prim cuffs for the pants...(Oh..the cigarette is included too :-))

Last of all we have the Regale Formal Gown, this can be worn with 2 looks, the prim skirt to give more flow or the straight skirt which is full of lovely shadows and folds. The top has an added Bolero style Jacket and there is a shawl and shimmery gloves included with this dress. This is perfect for the evening out.

So thats all for this week, we have to go and decide how the last of the Hippy Fever designs shall look as I decided I would like 4 in the series.

Have fun, keep well and happy days
Georg and Nikki xxx

G&N Quality Design Pepita 25, 135, 21