Monday, August 24, 2009

New free gift of the week~ Marleen Pantset~

Well as always, I am amazed how time just flies and its come to the new free gift of the week again. There are just not enough hours to a day.

So introducing the Marleen Pant set which consists of A lovely short style Jacket, Tube top to wear underneath if desired, Pants and shoes. This is the sort of outfit you can wear during the day and then head straight out for that special evening date. Its very flexible coming in multiple layers and can be mixed and matched with your own existing wardrobe.

So please enjoy, its available until Sunday 30 August when it will then become a regular selling item.

Cheers and happy days

Nikki and Georg xxxx


Whats New!

Hello :-)

Well, apart from our new free gift we didn't do any new designs this week. Oh I tell a little white lie :-) We did do one but this you shall have to get when the Gridwide Duckie Hunt begins :-)

Link to the DuckieHunt Blogspot

We are participating in this hunt which starts on the 1st September through to the 30th. You will need to find the little yellow duckie for this outfit but as always, we play fair and as we have a very large shop, it won't be hidden too well :-)

So a little preview of our offering for this hunt is Challis Jeanset

In other news tonight (I sound like a newsreader don't I? :-)) we have become affiliated with Aimesi Skins. She has some lovely skins and the vendors are situated upstairs in our formal wear section. Demos are available and the skins are priced at $900. This is comparible with all good quality skins being sold in SL, so if you are up for a new skin, take a look here first. I am sure you won't be disappointed.

Monday, August 17, 2009

~G&N Free Gift of the week~

Our new free gift of the week is here to celebrate the remaining weeks of summer.

A lovely Bikini with matching sarong and straw sunhat.

Available until Sunday night, 23 August, SL time.

Please enjoy

Nikki and Georg xxxxx

Available now at

A video of some of our designs, past and present :-)

For a little fun I made a video of some previous displays of our designs and freegifts of the past. Take a little look, some of these designs are still available in our shop.

A taste of Australia and more...

Two of our new designs this week have a real Australian flavour.

They are Aboriginal painting inspired textures and in lovely earthy tones. Every Aussie girl in Secondlife should have one of these dresses :-) Two more are in the making as this will be a series of 4..

Available now at Pepita/25/135/21

Also we have 3 other new outfits to our collection this week

A touch of Daisy Duke here this set comes with a belt, hat and boots. There are also extra shorts inc with painted belt should you prefer not to wear a prim belt.

A Rock chick but feminine look here this was actually inspired from the outfit Celine Dion wears in her video clip to the song "Alone" Boots are included with the Dion Dress.

And lastly.....

Shabby Chic is a vintage looking strapless top which can be worn as a mini dress or with the included denim jeans which have LOVE printed on them. This is a lovely soft outfit which is very pretty worn.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Free gift of the Week ~ Sleeping Princess Pj set ~

Well our free gift of this week is a lovely PJ set. I felt like designing this as here in Australia we are still in our winter and this is how "I" can be found most days I am home and around the house. What better way to spend a free day :-)

Available now at G&N Quality Design in Pepita

Happy Days

Nikki and Georg xxxxx

Last of the goodies for now :-)

Tatiana, another fresh looking design. Top comes in all layers for flexible varety. Prim Belt included.

A buddy of Shannon Shorts set we have the Broderie Anglais Sundress which is perfect crisp fresh summer wear

Shannon here is a lovely Broderie Anglais top with sleeves and Shorts with cuffs.

Margot is a lovely Paisley Sundress in feel good colours.

Sister to Lauren Skirt set we have Lauren Babydoll with pants inc. The undertop can be worn without the Babydoll skirt

Lots of goodies continued...

a lovely colour combo here that will please those that like to express themselves with colour :-)

Lauren is a lovely chic looking skirt set. Two lengths of skirt included and prim belt as well.

Fiona is lovely and sweet, the embroidered floral pattern on the front gives it that Gypsy Boho feel and the tummy ruffle is sure to delight. Capri pants included

Donna is lovely with the over jacket being on the transparent side to reveal a lovely silk and lace bra. Jeans Included

A Pretty outfit here and another inspiration from singer "Anastacia" wardrobe from the *Live at Last* Tour.

Lots of goodies :-)

Hello everyone, hope you are all well. Once again I have neglected our blog but RL has been a little crazy and as you can see below, we have been very busy designing in our spare time for our lovely customers :-) I think we have pretty much covered every ava here who enjoys a RL look in SL so I am sure we wont disappoint so have a look through and find these designs available in our shop today at G&N Quality Design.

A lovely catsuit here with gorgeous folds and shadowing, the texture is simply perfect. A pretty mauve from our popular and well loved purples :-)
For the Business woman this includes Briefcase and pose. Also enables you to walk with Briefcase in a *tidy looking* manner :P

A little piece of Mexico here :-) Hoodie Tracksuit set. You won't get lost in this number :-)

An inspiration from the Singer Anna Grace, this dress is similar to the one she wears in the video clip to "Let the feelings go"

Watch Anna Grace Here