Monday, February 22, 2010

3 New designs :-)

Yes! we have been at the drawing board again and have 3 new designs to offer this week. I am always proud and eager to get our new designs out and the first sale always gives me that warm fuzzy feeling to know that someone special in this big world of ours is walking around in one of our outfits. I might also add that within minutes of being put out in the shop for sale and announced to our wonderful groups, we sold one each of the pantsets and 3 of the dresses!

So as seen, 2 pantsets and a lovely dress make up this wonderful trio.

Firstly we have Cordelia Pantset which is, at first glance a rather gothicy looking outfit (I think its the corset) but its not intended to be. On closer inspection you shall see the soft folds and lacy feature of the underblouse and the corset has floral textures printed upon it. The black pants with a textured belt finish this set perfectly and all come in seperate layers to mix and match

The next pantset is Rozella. With its golden and orange tones this makes a perfect summer evening outfit. Quite unique patterning to the top front and rear this is simply a classy pantset for all to enjoy.

Last but not least we have the elegant dress Samsara.
Metallic and pastel tones this is a classic shaped dress with a springtime difference. The seams are effortlessly matched and this is a perfect addition to your wardrobe. I imagine this teamed with a little black dress Jacket or shrug, it would finish the look perfectly.

All of these and more are available now at our shop in

Have fun, take care and Happy days
Nikki and Georg xxxx

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