Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Every Rose Hunt Feb 2010

The Every Rose hunt is now in full swing as seen below in last weeks entry. I have searched some blogs about this hunt but there is not much out there. Here is a link to one blog that is quite big on hunts and it has SLurls to all the Every Rose hunt locations.


At the landing point to our store you can find, just below the Every Rose hunt sign, a hint giver box. When touched you shall receive a notecard with a hint to where the hunt prize is placed. It is of course inside a rose :-) I believe no one has made finding these roses difficult but I can't be sure as I have not yet had the chance to do the hunt.

Anyway, here is a look at what we are offering as our prize in the hunt.

Odetta is a lovely citrus splashed pantset with shoes and this is just a delightful colour for the upcoming warmer weather. Perfect for the business woman or the woman who would just like to look classy.
So have fun with this hunt and take care
Nikki and Georg xxxx

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