Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekly Free preview Design ~Kafele~

Hello there :-)
Again its our new free weekly preview time :-) I won't repeat again that it comes around quickly ;-)
A sure winner this week is our Kafele Jeans set which ultimately gives two looks. The sparkly undertop is supposed to be more for the modesty factor at the front but we found it looks just as fab worn as a boob tube! The main top comes with sculpty prim sleeves and the look is aimed at "kaftan blouse" Floral suns printed all over and the black jeans team it off perfectly.
All layers possible are included and this is available until the 28th Feb, 2010 SL time. We do hope you enjoy

Have fun and take care
Nikki and Georg xxxx

3 New designs :-)

Yes! we have been at the drawing board again and have 3 new designs to offer this week. I am always proud and eager to get our new designs out and the first sale always gives me that warm fuzzy feeling to know that someone special in this big world of ours is walking around in one of our outfits. I might also add that within minutes of being put out in the shop for sale and announced to our wonderful groups, we sold one each of the pantsets and 3 of the dresses!

So as seen, 2 pantsets and a lovely dress make up this wonderful trio.

Firstly we have Cordelia Pantset which is, at first glance a rather gothicy looking outfit (I think its the corset) but its not intended to be. On closer inspection you shall see the soft folds and lacy feature of the underblouse and the corset has floral textures printed upon it. The black pants with a textured belt finish this set perfectly and all come in seperate layers to mix and match

The next pantset is Rozella. With its golden and orange tones this makes a perfect summer evening outfit. Quite unique patterning to the top front and rear this is simply a classy pantset for all to enjoy.

Last but not least we have the elegant dress Samsara.
Metallic and pastel tones this is a classic shaped dress with a springtime difference. The seams are effortlessly matched and this is a perfect addition to your wardrobe. I imagine this teamed with a little black dress Jacket or shrug, it would finish the look perfectly.

All of these and more are available now at our shop in

Have fun, take care and Happy days
Nikki and Georg xxxx

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weekly free preview Design ~Gwendoline~

Hi again
That time of the week again for the weekly preview gift. We hope your Valentines day was a lovely one and we can happily say that the gift is not in a red, pink or black :-)
Its a lovely casual Jeans set which can be worn any given day for that relaxed look. Gwendoline comes with all the top layers (Jacket for the length) and the underpants layer is added with the shirt or undershirt layer if you would like to have the "tucked in look" to show the textured belt off.

Available now until the 21st Feb 2010 SL time
Take care and have fun
Nikki and Georg xxxx

Every Rose Hunt Feb 2010

The Every Rose hunt is now in full swing as seen below in last weeks entry. I have searched some blogs about this hunt but there is not much out there. Here is a link to one blog that is quite big on hunts and it has SLurls to all the Every Rose hunt locations.

At the landing point to our store you can find, just below the Every Rose hunt sign, a hint giver box. When touched you shall receive a notecard with a hint to where the hunt prize is placed. It is of course inside a rose :-) I believe no one has made finding these roses difficult but I can't be sure as I have not yet had the chance to do the hunt.

Anyway, here is a look at what we are offering as our prize in the hunt.

Odetta is a lovely citrus splashed pantset with shoes and this is just a delightful colour for the upcoming warmer weather. Perfect for the business woman or the woman who would just like to look classy.
So have fun with this hunt and take care
Nikki and Georg xxxx

Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Our new Free weekly preview gift is now available and of course we had to do something "Valentines Day" themed :-)
A gorgeous Red and black floral print lingerie set. There are two styles of panties to wear with this "skimpy and Normal style" and all layers possible are given in this outfit to allow maximum versatality in how you wear these pieces.
Wear it on Valentines day for that someone special in your life, or wear it to please yourself, after all, every woman loves something pretty whether its seen or not.

Available free, now until Monday morning SL time ..15th February
with love
Nikki and Georg xxxxx

Every Rose Hunt

We are on the hunt trail again and the "Every Rose Hunt" begins on the 12th of February and concludes on the 28th.
I will add more information over the next few days.
The object you will be hunting is a Rose of course and this can be found using the Rose petal pathway you will see in our shop. Georg has designed a gorgeous complete outfit for the prize which I am certain all will be very pleased with.

Have fun and Happy days
Nikki and Georg xxxx

Latest Designs with love!

Hi again, Hope your well and having fun.
We have kept busy with our designing and brought some lovely additions to the shop. Some lovely designs for the upcoming spring/summer and of course something for the still cooler weather for many.
First we have the Blooms dress which is an elegant straightline dress perfect for dressy and casual wear. Beautiful colour matched and florals this is very very pretty on.

Next we have Serenity which again has beautiful colours and texture. Its a shorter dress with a sculpty skirt.

Karen is a classy and dressy looking design perfect for Rodeo Drive shopping or a Summer evening at a club. Shoes with bows are included.

If swimwear is what you are looking for this summer then you can't go past the Frangipani Bikini Set with a sarong and hat to match. All layers are included in this which makes a very tattoo friendly outfit.

Lastly, for now we have of course a winter warmer being the Fantasia Jumper Dress set which included the leggings with frilly lace leg cuffs, arm cuffs to represent puffy sleeves and the belt. Lovely purple this is a winner already.

We hope you enjoy the newest designs which are available now at

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fabulous February 50% off SALE..Now on!

Pop into G&N Quality Design for our popular 50% off sale now happening! All outfits on sale excluding Jewellery, Accessories and Clearance. Everybody is sure to find a quality bargain so dont miss out!
Have fun and Happy days
Nikki and Georg xxxx

Our Weekly Preview Gift ~Michelle Gown~

Our weekly preview gift is the fourth from the Michelle Gown Series (as seen below). This is in a lovely Turquoise and actually looks stunning on with a fresh elegance.
Just in time for Valentines Day this is a must for your wardrobe.

Available at

~ A little bit of Formal ~

Just in time for Valentines Day is a lovely gown in 4 colours (the Turquoise one is the free weekly preview gift this week as seen above) Michelle comes in Red, Black, Mauve and as mentioned, the Turquoise. They look lovely and elegant when worn with realistic folds and shadows. At L$120 these are a steal and perfect for that Valentine's Date.