Monday, January 31, 2011

G&N in V for Valentine’s day hunt

Hi everybody, Its hunt time again :-)

This year for Valentines we are participating in the V for Valentine's Hunt
You have to seek out the letter V in the stores to find your gift. Ours is simple enough to find and a clue is its near the preview gift :-)

This year we have broke away from the trend of reds and pinks as even though its a traditional enough colour for Valentines Day by the time the hunter gets to our gift they may already be tired of the same old colours. We wont be doing lingerie either, we think that will also be a trend that will be saturating the hunt. What we have gone for is something that is chic, stylish and can be worn on many occasions. Its a cocktail style dress complete with Hat, shoes, underchest sash, ruffle prim to the edge of the skirt and a sculpty necklace. The shoes come with a hud to change the skin colours and nail colours and also to resize, it however does not change the shoe colouring or texture.

So here is a preview of our gift which shall be available to hunt for from the 1st February until the 28th.

Please enjoy and have lots of fun at this hunt

Georg and Nikki xxxxx

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